What To Bring

The below list is not meant to be exhaustive, and is merely a suggestion to be as radically self reliant as possible! Remember, there is no potable water, no electricity, and no vendors at the burn. You must bring what you need! Be thoughtful, and add or edit this list with your own personal needs.


For sleep

  Fitted sheet
  Flat sheet
  Blankets (it gets cold)
  Sleeping bag
  Ear plugs (even if you don't think you need them, you do)


For eats

  Hot drink mug
  Water (2 gallons, unless you plan to drink more)
  Other drinks (tea, Gatorade, sodas)
  Granola/protein bars
  Caffeine if you need it (tea, coffee, Monster)
  Trail mix (a good anytime portable snack)
  Any other snacks (we recommend bringing extra food, many people find themselves eating more than usual at a burn, and if you don't eat it all you can take it home)



*if you have not arranged meals with your camp, you will need to bring all your meals too*
  camp stove
  cooking pots and pans
  pot holder
  cleaning supplies- plastic sink, water, sponge, paper towels, soap

Food suggestions
breakfast- eggs and bacon (if you want to cook), poptarts, cereal bars, etc (if you don’t cook)
lunch- sandwiches, burritos, things that are easy to pack and carry 
dinner- boil in bag meals, freeze dried/ vacuum packed meals, pre-cooked meals that are easy to heat up, MREs are NOT recommended (if you don’t know why, ask)


For daily survival 

  Comfy clothes
  Comfy shoes
  Extra socks
  Bug spray
  Small day pack or backpack
  Refillable drink bottle
  Any medications you need
  Bath stuff
  Head lamp
  Toilet paper
  Baby wipes
  Hand fan
  Throw blankets
  Camp chair
  Hat (for keeping the sun off you)
  Costume clothes and accessories
  Hand sanitizer
  Super glue
  Hair brush
  Rain boots
  Jacket/ hoodie
  Warm coat
  Condoms (if you think you need them)
  Tampons/pads (bring ziplock baggies to take these items with you after use, they DO NOT go in the porto potties!! I know, ew, but seriously, deal with it) 



  Duct tape
  First aid
  Work gloves
  Multi tool
  Sewing kit
  Bug bite ointment
  Items to gift (if you feel like participating in this manner)
  Alcohol (to drink!)


Anything Else






Stay Informed!

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