2016 Alchemy Theme: Decadence

This is year 10 of Alchemy (deca). We began our journey in this world of burning with fewer than 100 burners total in the State of Georgia. We decided to create an experience that even we did not fully understand, and one in which we could experiment and grow, and one in which we challenged ourselves and each other.  A lot of the ways we chose to do that are considered "decadent" by society outside of burn culture.

What is decadence? One person's sin is another person's salvation. May we, in this, our 10th year, take the time to look around us and embrace ourselves and each other, and dance with our memories. May we welcome new people to our indulgences, and welcome the return of those who came before. May we all learn from the past, and blaze decadently and fantastically into our future, here, together.

There is always more to the story.

Image Credit: Rebecca Rea & Keith Prossick

Theme Credit: Rebecca Rea


As part of this theme, and to celebrate our 10th year, we want to share some of Alchemy's history with you. And so to begin, here's a video Keith Prossick made of our 2008 Effigy build, our 2nd year. Keith is now the Art & Design Lead for Euphoria's 2016 Effigy, so this seemed like some well-timed nostalgia.

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