Sound Policies

While we're not normally for rules or limiting how people experience the burn, they are necessary from time to time. These policies exist for two reasons:

  1. Like it or not, the property on which we have our burns have neighbors. Civic Responsibility dictates that we not be jerks and keep them up all night with our amplified hootin' and hollerin'. They have just as much a right, if not more than us, to enjoy a quiet night in in their homes.
  2. Not everybody at the burn likes chest-rattling THUMP THUMP THUMP. Some people hate it. Some have actual adverse physical reactions (nasusea, migraine, anxiety, etc.) to amplified sound. Nobody expects silence, but there is a reasonable expectation for some areas to not have loud dance camps or any amplified sound at all just like others have a reasonable expectation to have a space to dance their butts off all day and night.

Our stellar Placement Team works very hard to handle these issues, but they can only do so much! At the end of the day, the best way to keep everybody as happy as possible is to make sure they're given proper expectations. If a sound camp is placed in an area where they're told they can blare oontz's 24/7, then they have a right to expect that and be frustrated if it doesn't happen. The same goes for people placed in areas designated as "no amplified sound" zones or next to a sound camp who has said they'll keep their volume at "conversational levels."

Here are the current Alchemy Amplified Sound Policies. Please send any questions to

  • ALL CAMPS WISHING TO BRING AMPLIFIED SOUND THAT INCLUDES LOW OR HIGH-END DRIVERS (I.E. SUB-WOOFERS, MONITORS/SPEAKERS, ETC.) TO THE BURN MUST REGISTER THEIR SOUND! Due to space limitations, registering amplified sound is NOT a guarantee that you will be placed in an area where amplified sound is allowed. Remember: registering for placement is a request, not a guarantee. Click here to see the Placement Registration Form.
    • There is no need to register boombox's, home stereos, docking stations, small bluetooth speakers, etc.
    • Basically, if you'd see it at a club or at a concert, then it needs to be registered. 
  • Any camp that brings amplified sound that includes low or high-end drivers (i.e., sub-woofers, monitors/speakers, etc.) is considered a "Sound Camp."All Sound Camps need to have 1 person who will be point-of-contact with the Sound Team. This person must be able to…
    • Must give sound team reliable contact information
    • Be available to cut sound immediately in emergency situations.
    • Work the music system
  • ​All Sound Camps must abide by the following schedule:
    • ​Wednesday - No amplified sound after 10 PM. (Remember, it's a school night!)
    • Thursday - No amplified sound after 10 PM. (Also a school night.
    • Friday
      • Sound Team will perform a property-wide sound check with the Sound Camps.
      • Your system must be set up by Friday.
      • If you don't participate in the Sound Test for any reason, then you may not play amplified sound for the duration of the event.
  • Big Time No No's
    • No sound systems with more than 4 low end drivers (subwoofer speakers) and 8 mid/high range drivers (speakers)
    • No unregistered camps with systems larger than a small home stereo or boom box.
    • No abandoned, still-making-sound Sound Camps. Someone must be present and monitoring and/or DJ'ing. Sound Team will turn off camps like this when found.
  • Generators
    • Please consider creating dampening box for generator
    • Must be appropriately placed (Sound Team will help with placement, if needed)
      • So that won't noise bleed across to other camps
      • So that generator fumes to inconvenience or harm other participants.
    • Must be placed at least 30ft away from sound system.
  • ​Sound Levels
    • ​During the Sound Test on Friday, each camp will have their maximum levels set by the Sound Team.
    • The Sound Camp is responsible for ensuring that all sound, regardless of who's DJ'ing, stays at or below this level.
    • Depending on placement, some Sound Camps will have levels set by the time of day/night. You will know if this is you before the burn.
    • If you have told Placement that you will keep your volumes at "conversational levels", that you only plan to play sound at night, that you will only play loung-ey easy-listening tunes, you must abide by your agreement to do so.
    • If a sound complaint from outside the event is received, we may ask all amplified Sound Camps to lower levels or to cut sound completely until the complaint is handled.
    • In the event of an emergency, Sound Camps wil be asked to cut sound completely until the Events Committee have cleared the emergency.
  • CONSEQUENCES - These are the possible consequences for violating any of these policies. The severity of the consequences depends on the nature and severity of the violation.
    • ​Warning by the Sound Team.
    • Warning by the Events Committee (team that oversees the entire event).
    • No sound for 24 hours.
    • No sound for the duration of the event.
    • Ejection from the event

Stay Informed!

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