Fire Safety Policies

  • No fire spinning without a safety present (who has a fire blanket).
  • All theme camps that will allow fire spinning in their camp must have a designated fueling area that is marked.  No spinning will be allowed within 10' of this area.  The camps must also have a fire extinguisher.  Fire safety has a limited number of fueling stations that will be loaned out to the community on a first come, first serve basis.  If you would like one of these stations please email fire safety.
  • All pressurized fuel fire art must be inspected by fire safety prior to operation.  The art piece will be tagged and a record kept.  Please contact fire safety prior to the event or once on site to arrange to have your art inspected.
  • No ground fires.
  • No unattended fires (including art and burn barrels).

We will operate on a one warning policy. An individual will receive one warning for not following these policies. On a second offense the individual will be asked to leave site. We want everyone to have a fun and enjoyable burn, we want everyone to go home healthy as well. If you have any questions please contact the Fire Safety team at firesafety@alchemyburn.com


General Policies

We want you to come and express yourself, be your own agent of change, be your own Alchemist. However, there are some policies in place to make the burn an enjoyable and safe place for all.

No tourists, no spectators. Participants only!

This is a potentially dangerous event. There are no lifeguards on duty. There will be fire performances and installations that could cause injury or death. You assume all liability of injury or death that may occur as a result of attending this event.

No firearms, fireworks, rockets or explosives. Fire cannons, flamethrowers, fire art and installations are all invited.

No animals except for required assistance animals. We will be searching cars at the gate. If we find a pet, we will send you home, and if we see you with a pet at the event that is not a service animal, we will send you home with your pet. Please note our in and out policy. We know you love your pets, but do not bring them to Alchemy. Bringing your pet to Alchemy puts both your pet and other participants at risk.

No comps. We'd love to have you (or your band, troup, circus, whatever) come to Alchemy but we ask everyone to pay their own way. (That includes the event organizers who all pay full price to participate.)

No refunds. If you can no longer use your invitation, you may sell it to another willing participant.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. You take responsibility for yourself, your actions, and the well-being and actions of anyone that is under the age of 18 that is under your supervision.

Cars will be anchored during the event. No driving unless you have a mobile art piece. If it's not decorated, don't drive it around during the event!

Please park in designated parking areas only, NOT in your campsite! If you park in your campsite, your vehicle has to be hidden from view and decorated!

Ins and Outs are strongly discouraged. In/outs are available under two conditions: 1) Collect 15 pieces of swag from other participants. These pieces of swag are surrendered at the gate and allow one person to leave and return. The swag is NOT returned. 2) Purchase a return authorization at the gate for the price of an invitation. This allows one person to leave and return.

No commerce! There is nothing for sale at this event. Commercial vending, advertising, and cash transactions of ANY kind on the premises will NOT be tolerated. Bring everything you need.

Possession, sale, and/or consumption of illegal drugs and distribution of alcohol to minors are violations of federal law. It is your responsibility to respect all state and federal rules and regulations.

This is a Leave No Trace event, so be prepared to take everything away that you bring onsite. Bring your own trash bags or trash containers as no trash containers will be available on site. Respect the land!

Open fires are only allowed in designated fire circles. Protect the land! There is no wood available for use on site, so you must purchase your own locally in the area surrounding the event. Do not bring wood from outside the county.

Stay Informed!

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