Pocket Guide

Alchemy 2017 Pocket Guide

What's a pocket guide? It's a list of all the activities, events, performances, art projects, and entertainment that our burners are providing for you to attend/participate in—dead useful for instilling FOMO* in even the most blasé burner.

WHO NEEDS TO SUBMIT FOR THE POCKET GUIDE?.....Anyone and everyone who has an event!

Even if you have a funded art project or have submitted a performance placement request…even if you are coordinating a infrastructure activities (Connexus, Effigy, etc)…..even if you are just offering hot coffee and cold pickles from your yurt…..fill out a form!

Fill out the form here.

Deadline to submit is Thu, Sep 28, at 11:59 pm.

The Pocket Guide will be available here on the week before Alchemy 2017 (Oct 19–23).


* FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out

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