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It is time to find our new Event Leads for the 2017 burn season! This year, we are moving away from our unified Events Committee structure, to having Alchemy and Euphoria operate entirely separately.  We are seeking newer folks for the Euphoria team, and more experienced people for the Alchemy Team. The Event Team for Alchemy will help support the Event Team for Euphoria, so newer people can feel more comfortable stepping into this level of leadership. In turn, once they have an event under their belts, the Euphoria Team will help support the Alchemy Team, as necessary.

As such, the Board is thrilled to announce that we are seeking an Event Lead for Euphoria, and one for Alchemy. Both leads will be chosen and seated simultaneously. Once chosen, each Event Lead will then (with full support and assistance from the Board, as necessary) put a call out for their Department Leads.

Each Event Team will work closely with the Board of Directors to set event parameters such as budgets, ticket prices, timelines, safety concerns, art, and anything in between.

Event Leads are the project managers of the entire event. They are also the people responsible for interacting with local authorities in order to “maintain the burn bubble.” Any person seeking to be an Event Lead must understand that doing so opens them to a certain amount of liability, given they are the face of the event while on site.

A successful event lead should have a solid grasp on seeing the big picture, and be capable of working with all of the departments to ensure all of the moving parts before and during the event are working cohesively together. They should also have an understanding of safety considerations.

The Alchemy Event Lead should have a good understanding of how to project manage and successfully lead Alchemy without much guidance, and must have experience with FAI they can point to to demonstrate their capabilities in this regard. They should also be willing and able to help assist the Euphoria Event Lead when necessary. We welcome less experienced people to apply to lead Euphoria.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be having another burn-free event for Euphoria, due to the on-going drought. Decisions regarding burning at Alchemy will be made closer to the event. Bonus points to anyone applying for the Euphoria Team if you come to the table with alternative ideas about “burn” night.

Important dates:

  • Nominations are open until: November 27
  • Results will be announced no later than: December 1


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