Alchemy 2016 Art Callout: Swag, Gate Sign, and Team Lead Shirt Designs

Burners!  Looking for even more ways to get involved in your burn creatively?  Then this is for you!  

The 2016 FAI Events Committee is looking for artists to design this year's swag, gate sign, and shirts.  Do you have a creative bone in your body?  Even if you have just a creative hair, we’d love to see your submission.  

Swag Design Information:

The design needs to have defined lines.

The design needs to be able to be in a format that can be read by most CAD software, if possible.  If not, we will work with you to make that happen!

If your design is a drawing, keep in mind the design will go on a pendant a little larger than a quarter.


Gate Design information:

A preliminary sketch all the way up to a professional drawing is acceptable.  If your design is accepted, you will have a budget to create this design!  You will then transfer that design in your preferred medium, whether it be painting onto a smooth finish large piece of wood and coating it with sealant, or a printed banner - whatever method you’d like to use.  Please make sure it’s weather-proof, because weather happens!   

Team Lead Shirt information:  

The designs needs to have defined lines.

The maximum file size is 25MB and be 300 DPI or higher.  

Allowed File Types:  gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, eps, psd, ps, tif, tiff, pdf.

Finally, keep the burn's theme in mind: Decadence

Final Due Date: 11:59pm EDT, August 26th

Submit your design(s) here!


*NOTE*  Rebecca Rea and Keith Prossick did the original theme art pictured on this event.  If anyone would like to use their image and add to it for a submission, they have given consent.

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