2017 BOD Callout

In preparation for 2018, Flashpoint Artists Initiative begins its search for community members to fill four voting Board of Directors seats, each serving a two-year term.

The election process for the Board of Directors will be changing this year in one significant way.  We are going to be holding elections for the Board of Directors seats in the middle of the year - rather than at the end of the year. The impetus for this change is twofold. First, there is a need to hold an election to fill an open position on the Board that was vacated earlier this year. Second, it has been decided that allowing elected candidates to be present and involved for a few months prior to their terms of service beginning would allow them to get hands-on training and advice with their predecessors. The intention is that this time will help them to make the most of the knowledge that precedes them and be prepared for the types of situations and decisions that they will face.

The Board of Directors is currently composed of five voting seats, one of which opened up earlier this year. Our voting members are: Michelle Waymire (term ending December 2017), Chad Jones (term ending December 2017), Daniel Draven (term ending December 2018), and Mary Robb (term ending December 2017). Michelle, Chad, and Mary’s seats will open up at the end of the year, and we thank them for their service. As mentioned previously, there is also a final open Board seat that opened up earlier this year.

Role: The role of a director of our board is not an easy position, but it is a very important one. The board as a whole - and its members individually - are answerable for everything that FAI does and how those things are accomplished. They are responsible for the ongoing strategic planning of the organization, as well as tactical measures such as contracts, insurance, land procurement, legal paperwork, communications, community outreach, and financial oversight.

While the Board of Directors is not directly involved in planning the events, they are responsible for building and maintaining the vision of the organization, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of Flashpoint Artists Initiative.

Beyond that, the Board of Directors are caretakers and trustholders of our community and its welfare. It is a board member’s job to examine, contemplate and have an opinion on all operations of FAI, from responding to complaints from community members to creating and writing FAI policy.

Qualifications: While not a requirement, It is helpful if you have experience in marketing, technology implementation, finances, HR or law. However, you do not have to have been on the Board of Directors of another organization to run for these positions or have a similar professional job title. Along with passion for the year-round management of the Org, members must possess two essential qualities: integrity and an open mind.

Time Commitment: Members are required to attend monthly meetings, as well as serve on two board-level committees and keep current on email correspondence. There may be additional weekly meetings, if needed. The average time commitment is 4-6 hours per week. Board of Directors terms last two years.

Important dates:

  • Nominations are open until July 3
  • Community voting for Board of Directors is open July 10 - August 7
  • Meet the Candidates Town Hall: The Town Hall will be held at the Alchemy Art Fundraiser, the date of which is to be determined at this time.
  • Election results will be announced: August 15

If you are interested in running for a board seat, please fill out the nomination/application form.

**Please note, a community member cannot serve as an Event Lead while also serving as a Board member.**

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