FAI BOD Minutes March 2017

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The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at The Old Smyrna Firehouse (2889 Alexander Street SE. Smyrna, GA) at 1:00 pm on March 18, 2017, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: Michelle Waymire, Ash Monogue, David Stabler, Chad Jones, Daniel Draven, Mary Robb

The following Officers were present: Michelle Waymire (President), Mary Robb (Vice President), Daniel Draven (Treasurer)

The following members of the community were present: H-Bomb, Jenn, Jeff, Dingo, Annette, Zilah, Noel

The President called the meeting to order at 1:18 PM.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting: Vote to Accept Contract from Eugene Jiang for Website Design for www.flashpointart.org

Old Business: 

  1. President’s Report (Michelle)
    1. Nothing significant to report
  2. Committee Updates
    1. Public Works Committee (Mary)
      • First draft of charter finished and ready for review
      • Jeff nominated as chair/public works director, Justin nominated as vice chair - Mary to reach out via email to confirm
    2. Event Committee (Ash)
      • Event Proposal - Motion to accept Ghini’s event proposal. Approved by consensus.
      • Accessibility/Service Dogs - Want to provide as much reasonable accommodation as possible during our events. To facilitate this, we need to review existing policies (Placement, Medicine, Service Dogs, How to handle dogs at gates, ranger policy for if you see a dog, etc.) and make suggestions for new procedures.
      • Motion for Ash to be secretary ending 12/13/2017. Approved by consensus.
      • Mary Robb volunteers to serve as compliance officer to help oversee procedures. Approved by consensus.
      • Reviewed and voted on Service Dog policy, pending legal approval
      • Alchemy Art Fundraiser - Call out is complete and ready to go. Passed by consensus.
    3. Communications Committee (Michelle)
      • Flashpoint website launch update - Eugene should have what he needs, we will be on the lookout for additional emails.
      • David met with Ghini to discuss how to do stuff on the TechOps site. Needs a follow up meeting to go over a couple additional items. David to write up procedures.
      • Committee charter in progress from David Stabler
      • Social media admin policy - Michelle drafted, but will revise to also include who is an admin vs. moderator
    4. Community Outreach Committee (Draven)
      • Want to create a call out for a chair and committee members. Looking for 5-7 people total.
    5. Land Search (Ash)
      • Still looking for a chair. Membership roster has been finalized.
      • Included as a subcommittee of PWC in the charter
    6. Conduct Committee (Chad)
      • Charter still in progress. Also approved a confidentiality agreement. Currently finalizing form questions for the website so that people can submit conduct violations online.
      • Submitted two committee recommendations to the board. Tabled for online discussion.
  3. Productivity tools
    1. Need to ask Eugene about form software (Wufoo, Survey Monkey). Ash to do further research. Other debate tabled to online discussion.
    2. Jacob still working on recommendations for secure file storage options
  4. Improving committee structure
  5. Charters are in progress, per above updates
    1. Meeting template has been drafted - Ash to email. Goal is to have every committee send their minutes via form to secretary@flashpointart.org
  6. Promissory Note to Alchemy, LLC.
    1. Follow up once more with recipient to confirm payment of promissory note
  7. Nondisclosure agreement for board, chairs, and major leadership
    1. Mary wrote a second draft. Passed by consensus.
  8. Business cards.
    1. Design approved. Ash to order; Draven to execute payment.
  9. 2016 FAI Annual Report.
    1. In progress. Draft to be completed by April meeting.
  10. 2017 Bylaws review.
    1. Board members to submit comments to Bylaws by April meeting. Recommend changes to be distributed to the public, published at Connexus to get community feedback, and then vote at the May board meeting.
  11. Status of Action Items from February Meeting (see below)

New Business:

  1. Issuing 1099s
    1. Need to research payroll systems. Tax guy recommended Gusto - Michelle to research alternatives
  2. Land contracts
    1. Michelle to follow up with Jacob and draft revised version for land visit on March 26
  3. Euphoria insurance
    1. David reached out to Anna regarding 2016 forms. David to cross train Ash and Draven to submit application for Euphoria 2017
  4. Budget for FB Promotions
    1. Not yet boosting posts for Euphoria ticket sales at this time
  5. Assistant Secretary
    1. Michelle to fill in for Ash in the event that he can’t take notes at a meeting
  6. Election timelines
    1. Considering starting the election process in August so that we can get a slate of board members by October--and allow for voting and a town hall at Alchemy to increase participation. (Election Committee will require callouts in July)
  7. Bank Statement (as of March 18, 2017)
    • Org: $60,721.68    
    • Alchemy Event: $1,000.00
    • Euphoria Event: $5,000.00
    • Art Fundraiser Event: $5,000.00
    • PWC: $7,500.00
    • Money Market (Op Reserves): $55,036.42
    • Promissory Note Reserves: $14,898.30

Action Items from February

  • Make sure Ghini has Thundertix access (Ash)
  • Accept Transfer Alchemy Ticket & Rideshare Group (Ash)
  • Plan and execute an inventory weekend (Michelle, Mary) - In progress pending container transition.
  • Official TechOps hand off (David)
  • Post old minutes (Michelle)
  • Create a marketing plan and communication guidelines for the org (Michelle) - In progress
  • Need to establish who clearly manages social media channels -- who’s an admin, vs. who moderates threads (Michelle)
  • Call out for Community Outreach chair and committee members (Draven) - In progress
  • Distribute press statement for EOY donations on LinkedIn (Michelle)
  • Create Conduct chair email for GJ (Ash) 
  • Complete Conduct Committee charter (Draven, Chad) - In progress
  • Sign up for software to store conduct violation-related documents, per Jacob’s recommendations (Ash) - In progress
  • Use the committee template to make new drafts of committee charters. (All) - In progress
  • Second draft of Leadership Code of Conduct (Mary)
  • Research alternative storage options (Michelle)
  • Change locks on storage units (Michelle)
  • Visa Gift card usage guidelines for the event budget (Draven) - Not yet started
  • Still need to pay Smokey for container storage and get circus tent pole from Tareq’s (Michelle, Mary) - In progress
  • Follow up with web designers (Ash)
  • Arrange a meeting with LBJ to discuss potential Alchemy dates (Ash)
  • Draft responses to other property options (Draven) - Not yet started
  • Draft Conduct Committee best practices for conveying information about complaint status (Draven, Chad) - In progress
  • Set up private FAI calendar (Ash)
  • Create organizational charts for committee (Ash)
  • Create a committee meeting minutes template (Ash)
  • Follow up with Jacob re: Promissory note (Michelle)
  • Transfer $5000 from Org account to Reserves for 2016 reserves (Draven)
  • Euphoria 60 day report (Ash) - In progress
  • 2016 Annual Report draft (Michelle) - In progress

Action Items for March

  • Post Feb minutes to website (Michelle)
  • Reach out to Jeff and Justin about being Chair and vice-Chair for PWC (Mary)
  • Schedule PWC meeting to review charter and figure out everything (Mary)
  • Still need to pay Smokey for container storage and get circus tent pole from Tareq’s (Michelle, Mary)
  • Plan and execute an inventory weekend (Michelle, Mary)
  • Look into options for 501c(3) application (Ash, Chad)
  • Review event procedures with eye for ADA (Ash, Mary)
  • Send call out for Alchemy Art Fundraiser (Ash)
  • Write up doc for CommComm procedures and how to’s (David)
  • Produce second draft of social media policy with admin and moderator roles (Michelle)
  • Create a marketing plan and communication guidelines for the org (Michelle)
  • Clean up Google drive (Everybody)
  • Complete Conduct Committee charter (Chad)
  • Ask Eugene about forms (Ash)
  • Ash to order business cards, Draven to pay (Ash, Draven)
  • Finish 2016 Annual report and publish 2015 annual report (Michelle)
  • Provide bylaws edits by April 2017 meeting (All)
  • Visa Gift card usage guidelines for the event budget (Draven)
  • Draft responses to other property options (Draven)
  • Draft Conduct Committee best practices for conveying information about complaint status (Draven, Chad)
  • Euphoria 60 day report (Ash)
  • Research automated payroll systems -  Gusto and competitors (Michelle)
  • Follow up on land contract with Jacob and draft revised version for visit on March 26 (Michelle)
  • Cross train Draven and Ash to submit Euphoria insurance (David)
  • Start writing institutional knowledge base (David)
  • Add recommendation for annual strategic planning meeting to Leadership Code of Conduct (Mary)

Michelle motions to adjourn. Passed by consensus. Meeting adjourned at 4:48 PM.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

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