FAI BOD Minutes February 2017

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The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at The Old Smyrna Firehouse (2889 Alexander Street SE. Smyrna, GA) at 1:00 pm on February 18, 2017, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: Michelle Waymire, Ash Monogue, David Stabler, Chad Jones, Daniel Draven, Mary Robb

The following Officers were present: Michelle Waymire (President), Mary Robb (Vice President), Daniel Draven (Treasurer)

The following members of the community were present: Mike Alberghini

The President called the meeting to order at 1:43 PM.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:

  • Vote to pay for renewal of Georgia Corporation Annual Registration and all associated fees (Passed by Consensus)
  • Renewal of Domain Names

Old Business:

  1. President’s Report (Michelle)
    1. Thanks to the current board for your productivity and respectfulness so far this year.
  2. Status of Action Items from January BOD Meeting 
    • Creating a marketing plan and communication guidelines for the org (Michelle) - In progress. Due at March BOD meeting.
    • Need to establish who clearly manages social media channels -- who’s an admin, vs. who moderates threads (Michelle) - In progress. Due at March BOD meeting.
    • Send Anna an email to ask her if she wants to be Community chair (Draven) - Complete. Anna  will serve on committee but not as chair. Will hold call out for chair.
    • Distribute press statement for EOY donations on LinkedIn (Michelle)
    • Review Conduct Committee applicants, recommend a Committee chair, recommend Committee members, and prepare official charter to get Conduct Committee started (Chad and Daniel) - Named members and chair. Charter is in progress.
    • Ask Jacob for recommendations on how to store conduct violation-related documents (Ash) - In progress. Jacob is working on this based on what we need.
    • Get EC to set up an Art Fundraiser Event Lead team (Ash) - Call out form was created and sent out for review.
    • Follow up on action items addressed in PWC chair’s resignation email (Michelle and Mary) - Mostly complete.
    • Request a 2016 membership roster of PWC members to follow up on membership status of rest of committee (Michelle) - Complete.
    • Reach out to potential land search members to affirm 2016 membership status (Ash) - Complete, but still looking to establish a chair.
    • Preparing recommendations on committee update structure (Ash) - First draft complete. Committees to use template to make new charters.
    • Draft Leadership Code of Conduct (Mary) - First draft complete. Need to prepare a second draft with responsibilities for team leads, a section for leaving the organization, and authorship and copyright guidelines.
    • Get quotes for FAI website launch (Ash) - Complete.
    • Handle set-up of three event sub-accounts (Michelle and Draven) - Complete.
    • Write up meeting review (Draven) and send via Alchemist (Michelle) - Complete.
  3. Committee Updates
    1. Public Works Committee (Mary)
      • Officially transferred leases to SpaceShop and Uncle Bob’s/LifeStorage. Looking into options for business storage and pod storage to avoid individual names and facilitate movement of belongings.
      • Scheduled time for Monday at 8pm to meet with former members to debrief and discuss committee best practices.
      • Cancelled cards for old PWC members. Will also change locks to storage units.
      • Still need to pay Smokey for container storage and get circus tent pole from Tareq’s
      • Need to redraft committee charter (Mary)
    2. Event Committee (Ash)
      • Alchemy Ticket & Rideshare Group proposal. Ash motions for it to become an official group, Mary seconds. Passed by consensus. Ash will let current admins know of the decision.
      • Update from Ghini: Vast majority of team leads have been chosen for Euphoria. Doing some interesting conclave things with volunteers. Safety class with Robert Harrison on inspecting flame effects. Planning on running ICS training as well. Need an inventory weekend soon.
      • Need to talk to landowner to confirm cost of land rental for Euphoria, but land cost will be covered in the org budget again this year.
      • Also need event proposal draft soon.
    3. Communications Committee (Michelle)
      • Flashpoint website launch update.
      • Ash motions to hire Eugene Jiang to complete his complete website proposal at a cost of $1750. Michelle second. Passed by consensus.
      • Email addresses for Board members and committee chairs. First round of board members are complete. Need to create email addresses for additional chairs as they come onboard.
      • David to set a meeting with Ghini to hand off rest of committee and cross train Michelle and Chad
    4. Community Outreach Committee (Draven)
      • Want to create a call out for a chair and committee members. Looking for 5-7 people total.
    5. Land Search (Ash)
      • Membership list has been solidified.
      • Still examining options for Alchemy. Two additional leads have been submitted; committee is following up on those as well.
    6. Conduct Committee (Chad)
      • Moved to executive session from 3:51 PM to 4:17 PM.
      • Committee team solidified. Gina named as chair. Meeting every two weeks.
      • Working on charter and establishing best practices for disseminating information.
  4. Future and direction of art fundraiser - tabled to online discussion
  5. 2017 budget discussion.
    1. Ash motions to accept budget as is. Mary seconds. Passed by consensus.
  6. Productivity tools - tabled to online discussion
    1. Paid form software (Wufoo, Survey Monkey)
    2. Event budgeting
    3. Budgeting software
    4. Freedcamp
  7. Improving committee structure
    1. Committee charter template - draft is drafted. Committees to prepare their charters.
    2. Organizational Chart - Ash to create
    3. Conflict resolution (intra/inter-committee; committee and board)
    4. Committee reporting norms - included in charter template
    5. Need to create a committee meeting template (Ash)
  8. Promissory Note to Alchemy, LLC. - No claims to be made against the money at this time.


  1. Nondisclosure agreement for board, chairs, and major leadership. In progress. Tabled to online discussion.
  2. Business cards. In progress. Tabled to online discussion.
  3. 2016 FAI Annual Report.
    1. Templates for the FAI Annual report and 60 day event reports are in the Google drive.
    2. Ash to write Euphoria 2016 report.
    3. Michelle to write FAI Annual Report
  4. 2017 Bylaws review. In progress. Tabled to online discussion.
  5. Bank Statement (as of February 18, 2017)
    • Org: $25,047.10
    • Alchemy Event: $46,129.96
    • Euphoria Event: $4,898.22
    • Art Fundraiser Event: $5,000.00
    • PWC: $5,144.18
    • Money Market (Op Reserves): $50,036.42
    • Promissory Note Reserves: $14,898.30


  • Make sure Ghini has Thundertix access (Ash)
  • Accept Transfer Alchemy Ticket & Rideshare Group (Ash)
  • Plan and execute an inventory weekend (Michelle, Mary)
  • Official TechOps hand off (David)
  • Post old minutes (Michelle)
  • Create a marketing plan and communication guidelines for the org (Michelle)
  • Need to establish who clearly manages social media channels -- who’s an admin, vs. who moderates threads (Michelle)
  • Call out for Community Outreach chair and committee members (Draven)
  • Distribute press statement for EOY donations on LinkedIn (Michelle)
  • Create Conduct chair email for GJ (Ash)
  • Complete Conduct Committee charter (Draven, Chad)
  • Sign up for software to store conduct violation-related documents, per Jacob’s recommendations (Ash)
  • Use the committee template to make new drafts of committee charters. (All)
  • Second draft of Leadership Code of Conduct (Mary)
  • Research alternative storage options (Michelle)
  • Change locks on storage units (Michelle)
  • Visa Gift card usage guidelines (Draven)
  • Still need to pay Smokey for container storage and get circus tent pole from Tareq’s (Michelle, Mary)
  • Follow up with web designers (Ash)
  • Arrange a meeting with LBJ to discuss potential Alchemy dates (Ash)
  • Draft responses to other property options (Draven)
  • Draft Conduct Committee best practices for conveying information about complaint status (Draven, Chad)
  • Set up private FAI calendar (Ash)
  • Create organizational charts for committee (Ash)
  • Create a committee meeting minutes template (Ash)
  • Follow up with Jacob re: Promissory note (Michelle)
  • Transfer $5000 from Org account to Reserves for 2016 reserves (Draven)
  • Euphoria 60 day report (Ash)
  • 2016 Annual Report draft (Michelle)

Ash motions to adjourn. Mary seconds. Passed by consensus. Meeting adjourned at 4:39 PM.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

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