FAI BOD Minutes: October 2015

The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at 1:50 p.m. on October 12th, 2015, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.
The following Directors were present: Anna, Tareq, Ash, Jessica, David, Michelle, Tunna
The following Directors were excused:
The following Directors were absent:
The following acted as secretary for the meeting: David
The following members of the Community were in attendance: Rebecca, Ashta, Uber, Sunny
The reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting was waived as they had been presented for review online.  Minutes approved by consensus.
In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of Business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:  

  1. Set dates for 2016 Alchemy and Euphoria, with flexibility
  2. Approved General Counsel to open discussions with Walker County Attorney

The following old business was discussed:

  1. Board Secretary Process - David, Anna will reach out to other candidates
  2. Regional Status - new events policy from BM needs further review (Regional Use Agreement) but we’ll talk about status again. Considering November.
  3. Committee Updates
    1. PW Committee - new gate system was awesome (for a day), came in under budget for generator repairs, lost greeters structure to weather, Last LNT cleanup went well.
      1. Leadership changing within APW finally, time to revisit how committee structure is set up; new charter will come to Board for review soon.
      2. Land Search (sub)Committee
        1. Need to have exclusionary dates
        2. Price maxima
        3. Ordinance considerations
    2. Event Committee Updates
    3. It was muddy, but went very well otherwise.  Working to clarify vendor issues.
    4. Motion - Upgrade Mail Chimp Account to Featured Paid Account, Jessica, Seconded by Tunna; passed by consensus
    5. Last Team Lead meeting 18Oct 5pm
    6. Collecting afterburn reports
    7. Setting Alchemist agenda for rest of year
    8. Looking for places to donate to by end of year
    9. Working on new volunteer system, date to be live pre-Euphoria
    10. Website to go live by EOY (maybe November)
    11. New backend-processing considerations for ticket management
    12. Board requests recommendation on ticket vendor solution before Euphoria sales to start
    13. Callouts are out; good numbers are putting in applications; webcast opportunity might be worthwhile; APW should have gear.  1pm on Saturday, go as long as the convo goes.  Location: 2889 ALEXANDER STREET SE SMYRNA GA 30080
    14. Communications Committee Update
    15. Community Outreach Committee Update
    16. Tech Ops Committee Updates
    17. Elections Committee - elections@flashpointart.org
  4. Budget
  5. Sales taxes need to be paid for last ticket round
  6. Paypal account for Art Fundraiser vs tickets
  7. There is a strong need to formulate an active events management policy under extended discussion that meets community standards and intra-board communication needs.  Referring to the Board retreat, Michelle and Anna to build plan for that discussion.
  8. Merge Techops and Communication
  9. Merge Outreach and Programs (pending) and Leadership Development (pending)
  10. Merge Public Works and Venue (pending)
  11. All new committees tasked with naming and charter rewrites for online discussion and approvals, seconded Sunshine, approved by Consensus
  12. Committee Names are:
    1. Elections
    2. Events
    3. Community Outreach
    4. Communications
    5. Public Works
  13. Where do we put this committee?  Outreach?  Events?  
  14. How does it start the callouts for Temple/Effigy?
  15. Will we put other large art projects here?  How will this not take away from the Art Fundraiser?
  16. Sexual Harassment Policy
  17. Committee Mergers
  18. Grants Committee

The following new business was discussed:

  1. Post-Alchemy Discussion
    1. 30 day report pending
  2. Retreat
  3. Dec 4-5
  4. Attendees: Incoming board members, Events Committee, Current Board, Select Leadership….  Approx 25 people
  5. Schedule/Agenda planning
  6. Org $80,483.00
  7. Event: $48,747.86
  8. APW: $2,784.30
  9. Money Market: $25,009.42
  10. Paypal: $235.76
  11. Bank Statement - Current as of 10/18/2015

Action Items of Note:
Michelle/Anna, Retreat Plan 11/14
David/Anna, contact Secretary Candidates 10/25
Jessica, Alchemist Schedule 10/25
Ash, Tech-Ops Ticket Proposals 12/1
David/Anna, List to APW for Elections Needs 10/25
Ash/Tareq, 30 day report due 11/5
Tareq, Tax check ASAP
Tareq, Tax payment dates 10/31
Tareq, Costing for Land 10/25
Ash, Absolute “No” Dates for Land Use 10/25
Tunna, Rewrite of APW charter 10/31
Tunna, Work with United Rentals on relationship 10/31

Confirmation of Upcoming Meetings
EC Selection Meeting, Google Hangout - 24 Oct, 12:30pm and ongoing
November Meeting Date - 14 November at 1pm -- 3102 Buford Highway NE, Apt C, Atlanta GA 30329 (Michelle’s House)
Meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm by Consensus

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