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The following are the absolute basic essentials that you need to know regarding Alchemy. You should also read about the 10 Principles and what makes a burn a regional Burning Man event. As time for the burn gets nearer, please review this year's Survival Guide for more information.

You will see and hear some key words and phrases tossed around in the burn community, including radical self reliance, leave no trace ("LNT"), participate, and gifting. These, as well as all the terms listed under the 10 Principles are what make a burn event different from music festivals, spiritual retreats and other outdoor camping experiences you may have been to in the past.

In order to fully experience Euphoria, you need to plan to participate. You need to be prepared to provide whatever you need in order to survive, entirely on your own.

Euphoria happens on primitive camping land. Do not count on there being warm showers! Once you arrive, you can't leave and come back, so plan ahead.

There is no vending or commerce at the event, so there will be nothing for you to buy.

You also must be prepared to take everything with you when you leave. There will be no trash cans or dumpsters, so bring garbage bags and pack out your trash.

There is no electricity. You can bring a generator and fuel if you need a lot of electricity for your installation or camp, but please bring the quietest one you can afford, and consider building a sound deadening box for the generator.

You need to be responsible for your own actions as well as anyone under 18 in your charge.

Please keep your eyes on our policies and the Survival Guide for more information!

Stay Informed!

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