Bringing Art

Alchemy is more than just a temporary city in the rolling hills of Georgia. It is also a landscape for radical self-expression and amazing art. Everyone has a creative center and we want to see you pour yours out into Alchemy.

What IS Art?

Good question! Art takes as many different forms as there are people. Maybe your artistic expression is in your radical costumes, jewelry, face paint, masks, disguises, and headwear. At Alchemy you can feel free to look exactly like you've always wanted to look.

Maybe your art is photography, works on canvas, or sculpture. Perhaps you've got a large scale installation or interactive musical art. Many people use mostly their bodies for their art, expressing themselves through dance and acrobatics. Maybe you'll pour your creativity into a theme camp or an art car.

The Burning Man website is a great place to check out photography of some of the varied art that all burns, including Alchemy, welcome with open arms.

Where your art will happen or be placed within our city is largely up to you. If your art is very large, very loud, or involves fire, please contact us prior to the event for assistance in finding the best place for your art. If your art is motorized and mobile, you must register with the DMV. Remember that all art must LEAVE NO TRACE.

With those few restrictions and extra care taken for size, volume, fire, mobility, and art that might leave a trace, the content of your art is up to you. You are the artist and at Alchemy, you have great leeway to express yourself radically. Everyone attending Alchemy should be aware that "adult behaviors" may take place all over our city, and that an open mind is required of all within our borders. When we say radical self-expression, we mean it!

If you need assistance with your art, have any questions about how your art fits with Alchemy, or to request early arrival permission for your volunteer crew, contact

We're looking forward to seeing how you express yourself at Alchemy!

Placement registration

NOTE: If you plan to bring an art installation, something that will take up space, it needs to be registered.  If it's part of a camp, your Theme Camp Organizer [TCO] will need to register it along with the camp.  If it's free-standing, you will register it independently.  See the link to the Placement Registration form at the Theme Camps page.

Stay Informed!

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