BoD Minutes: May 2009

May 2009 Alchemy BoD Mtg

All in attendance. Mtg start at 4:20pm

Art Fundraiser update and budget discussion

Budget might be too high at a 25% increase from over last year. We will review again as the event draws closer.

Issues with the insurance and the fire watch: Troy to check into an additional policy on our event insurance. Fire Marshall needs it to do Fire Watch. Depending on cost we will have additional discussion of the cost/benefit analysis of allowing fire at the event.

Without doubling the people on the shifts, we need 33 volunteers for the full event.

Currently, three artists have applied for entrance, but the applications are incomplete. Cut off of June 14th for artists' submission.

Cancellation policy on the venue- Clove will get in touch with the venue to see.

On the cut off date, if the artists submitted are requesting at or less than the budget set for the event general consensus is that we would forgo the event for giving that money to the artists. We decided last year that the reason we were doing this was for the immediacy, but also so that more artists could be funded then what we would have funds for.


Rebecca has incorporated the decision of the Board about the ownership model. Rebecca will repost the link to the bylaws. By Wednesday 5.20.09 we will have all discussion about the bylaws complete and will be ready to send the bylaws to the community.

Website redesign

Updating to the new site design will require a site outage for a couple of hours. Board all approve outage. New site up soon.

Logo release text

Joshua to post to the BOD list about the copyright/release.

Work Weekend

Troy will email Smokey about which weekends in July would be available. Our preference would be for the last weekend in July tentatively.


Troy has posted to the link to the budget.

Took every teams budget as submitted.

In the process of making the attendance step-ups from last year.

Whole budget figured at a breakeven point of approx. 725 participants

At 750 people our land cost goes up by $5 per person.

Tentative approval by Wednesday 5.20.09 by BoD

Outstanding Team Lead openings

Gate: most concerned about this one. Looking to possibly having to hire someone to run it. Troy will confirm the cost and add it to the budget. Board decides unanimously that this is the way we would prefer to do it as it ensures consistency of all legal documents and ticket handling.

ACTION ITEM: Gate wiki- look at the SOP manual and edit as needed.

Talk about it in a week online

Adding greeting to the Connexus Team as they were doing it last year and it would help make Connexus the central information hub.

LNT: still missing, unless we find someone motivated to do this, we will allow the participants to police themselves. APW will make sure that sweeps are done daily and at the close of the event.

LAYOUT: officially removing this team entirely in lieu of allowing camps to place themselves, with signage to indicate which areas are not available for sound camps due to the noise issue and the curfew in Walker Co. All areas will be first come, first serve.

ACTION ITEM: Rebecca will take down layout information on the website, put up new information.

Anyone can come up the weekend prior to install their camps. On Thursday morning prior to the event we will clear the land of all people, head ot the gate and ‘cross the line' turning in tickets and signing waivers.

10 lanyards will be created and given to Smokey to use at his discretion. This will make all land owner visitors easily identifiable.

Art Usage release agreement

Rebecca will post the derivative works agreement by Friday 5.22.09. To be agreed my Bod by the following Monday.

In/Out tokens

Hahaha this is a surprise. But boy oh boy are they cool!


Around the first of June for publication date.

139 invitations sold. This is about on track to where we were last year.

Adjourned 6:13pm

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