BoD Minutes: March 2009

Meeting minutes for Alchemy LLC Board of directors

March 8th, 2009

Meeting called to disorder at 4:12

In Attendance:
Board Members:
Lee, Troy, Rebecca,  Clove, Joshua, Tunna
Community Members:
Keith, Robert

Current Financial Standing
  *Troy will have a up to date statement done later today
Currently 3,754.81 in Coffers, less than 50$ in petty cash

A majority of this needs to be spent by the end of fiscal year

Tix printing 250$
Generators 2500$
 *Troy knew of a store that should have the model wanted on sale, if so he will purchase 
 *Tunna will see if the radios found earlier are still on-sale/ in stock

Last years tix. process had issues with transfers and lost tickets
    Troy plan for this year is to have physical tickets and codes both correlated with the purchaser, and a computer at the gate to maintain the database of ticket info.
    ID's will be checked at the gate this year, the indemnification should be on every web page dealing with ticket codes
 *Troy will work at the coding to have in place by April 1 for tix sales
Ticket Time line- the printer can be paid in advance and once the proofs are up loaded the turn around should be less than a week
    Help will be needed to help stuff tickets
Ticket design Contest-  thank you to those that submitted their designs
 Keith's was voted as the winner and will be used on this years ticket
* Rebecca will draw up a artist release and limited use agreement for all artists , proof to board by Tuesday
* Joshua will take a high-quality photo of the painting
Future uses for ticket images; visual elements to be used in a redo of alchemy website, unveiling of painting at art fundraiser, submissions not used for tickets will be blown up an used at the gate

Team Leads

The applications received and approved:

Bubba John/ First Aid
Troy/ Event Producer
Kat and Age/ Lamp Lighters
Pauly/ Connexus
Clove/ Art Team
Tunna,Lee,Robert/ APW
Joshua/ Rangers
Keith/ Effigy

Clove and Tunna gave a short presentation about the Regional Summit last weekend in SF

Alchemy image usage
      pursue the avenue of Creative Commons license to protect the image from abuse
  *Joshua to see if Creative Commons would work as image use agreement
  *Clove to ask BM how they handle protection of their logo

The Alchemist
    * Lee will get a new version out on April 1st to correspond with start of ticket sales, sent to board for approval prior

Tabled items

co-op model
art fundraiser
work weekends

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