BoD Minutes: June 2010

Alchemy Board Meeting Minutes

June 11, 2010
All members in attendance
Rebecca facilitating
Beginning at 3:35 p.m.

Old business from May 18 meeting

Minutes from May meeting need to be redacted

Web updates and financial reports discussed in previous meeting are
still unfinished but expected by the end of the week (May 25th)

New Business

Votes are still out of the proposal of a container purchase. Current
estimated cost is ~4500. A board member needs to discuss both the cost
of having the container on Cherokee Hills land and exactly what access
we will have to the container with Smokey. Troy has volunteered to do

The current expenses for the new tent are at ~4300. A similar tent
will be raised in Asheville and the sellers would like us to have the
chance to watch and videotape the work involved. This will happen
during the time of the Alchemy Art Fundraiser Event at CoLab so
someone else needs to be found to videotape this. Arlo may be a
possibility. Troy will contact him and discuss the possibility of
sending up a video camera.

Team Leads:
The positions for team lead of Center Camp, Connexus, First Aid & Fire
Safety are still unfilled
Tangent has been voted in for CoLead of the Greeters
Ranger Rack will ask if Michelle is interested in a CoLead position.
Leads for the openings in First Aid & Fire Safety will be shelved
until the July meeting.
Troy will contact potential web-lead about additional experience
needed for position.

The new budget is still being worked on but will be ready by the July
meeting. The approximate cost of the Effigy is proposed to be $2000.

Lamplighter Update:
Subleads are filled. A kitchen area and chapel are planned for this
year. The number of lamps leading up to the effigy will be doubled and
new lamps will be added to back pocket areas. Current budget is at
~$2400 and 16 more robes have been ordered.

APW Update:
Projects for this year include the screening of more Porto-Johns and
the painting of supports for ease of identification. The blueprint of
the effigy is ready. Keith described the temple design using visual
aids and will have a blueprint shortly along with a more detailed
budget. Proposed date of June 24th.

Puzzles for Alchemy 2010:

DASH: a large scale scavenger hunt

Survival Guide for 2010:
Rebecca will head up this project with a projected send out date of late August.

Insurance for the event has been applied for from the same company
previously used, Gold Coast. Events covered will be the Art
Fundraiser, Alchemy itself and the Decompression.

Work Weekend:
No current dates for Work Weekends.

Tickets will be organized and prepared for mailing this Thursday 22nd,
8:00 p.m. at CoLab.

Police Interactions during the Art Fundraiser:
As was last year, the Art Fundraiser will sell cups but provide free
alcohol, which has been donated to the bar.
CoLab improvements include a private windscreen and a decibel meter.
Rebecca will write a contract between the Alchemy Board and CoLab
Representatives for the Fundraiser. The Board has voted and will bail
Troy out of jail in the event it becomes necessary due to the event.

Fire Approval for the Fundraiser is expected to clear on Monday 19th.

It has been decided that Alchemy will proceed with filing for 501c3 status.

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