BoD Minutes: June 2009

6/14/2009 Board Meeting, started 4:10pm, ended 5:54pm
Lee, Tunna, Clove, Troy, Rebecca in attendance

Information Flow and Approval
“The board decided X because” is a trigger phrase… wording similar to this must be approved by board.  All Agreed.
Decided to continue discussion of this topic with all members present at next board meeting.

Have website change log sent weekly to board list.    All Agreed.
-    Troy action item:  make that happen

Boad to continue reviewing The Alchemist. All Agreed.

All agreed to suggested changes:  Change The Georgia burn to The Georgia Burn (all initial case)
All agreed to suggested changes: Remove references to Yahoo! and instead use online email group
-    Rebecca to repost the edited Bylaws for continued community feedback

Early Setup Details
The board agreed that everyone is invited to help at the pre-event work weekend.   We will emphasize that the weekend is for WORK, but that they're also allowed to setup their camps, too.  However, only specifically verified folks may stay through the week (after Sunday). Team leads will give out the in/out token schwag early as indication that the person is verified to stay.
Everyone will be invited to setup early starting Wednesday at 9am.  Early setup means that in/outs are okay until the gates officially open for all participants on Thursday.  However, anyone who comes early must keep their ticket on them for each in/out.
This also means that we'll move the gate team to being work on Wednesday morning.

Art Fundraiser Update
15 volunteers, a little short of volunteers for takedown
11 artist proposals were submitted on time

Given the total funds requested (4 times the total last year), not all artists will get fully funded.  Therefore, it is important to establish a minimum funding level by which the artist still commits to bringing the art to Alchemy.
Rebecca will ask each artist what is their minimum?  If the artist does not receive their minimum, then then money will not be distributed to them.

Gate Staff SOP Manual
Board please review before next board meeting.

July 31 – Aug 2 Work Weekend
APW to send Troy a lumber request for purchase before the work weekend.  Drop dead date is July 17th for lumber needs

Storage Unit Space
85% full
One solution may be a 20’-45' shipping container, $1500 + $300 delivery
Considering leaving on Cherokee Farms (with land lease)

Next meeting, July 12, Domus in Flagrante Delicto
Next Facilitator: Rebecca Cobb
Next notetaker:  Puzzle

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