BoD Minutes: July 2012


Meeting Start:  1:10 PM

Attendees:  Rebecca, Age, Sarah, Dawn, Trevor, Jonathan, plus Jim (GA RC)


Old Business:


Euphoria Afterburn report update: 

● Not completed yet, should be completed tonight.  Still missing a few team lead reports.

Long term storage from Public Works:  There was some confusion with who was supposed to take the 

next action. PW thought that the BoD was still considering the options presented, and the BoD thought 

that PW was to research new options. BoD will ask PW team to resend the options they’ve researched.


● Discussion about getting a new warehouse as an alternative to storage.  This could provide artist 

space to work on burn related projects, such as the effigy and temple.


● By next month's meeting APW needs to submit a new proposal, either for public storage options 

or the potential to get a new warehouse. 


● BoD stressed that this item needs traction.  After significant effort to centralize Alchemy 

property and remove from high risk environments, inventory is again starting to get stored in 

multiple locations, including BOD members living rooms.

Monies owed to Alchemy:


● Rebecca and Amsterdam each owe $39.60, the overage from airfare to the BM Regional Summit


● Troy Cobb  used $500 without BoD approval for a personal purchase and has not returned the 

money.  All detailed financial records and the corporate accounting files from 2011 have been 

taken by Troy Cobb, who has resigned from the BoD and become unresponsive for continued 

requests for these records.


New Business:


Updates and discussion with Jim (GA RC):

● Jim wants to have a regular meeting schedule, maybe quarterly, like a meet and greet outside of 

BOD meetings


● One of the things the RCs have just secured from BMORG is the ability to use the BWB logos and 

videos, etc.  Jim to provide additional information as he has it. 


● Nick from Camp Dirago works for CrisKids, and thinks it would be a good place to start in terms 

of community engagement/civic projects. 


● Wants to get some of the AIDSwalks / Hunger walks groups organized.  We know there are 

a few teams of burners, wants to combine, also add BWB type signage, and have a bigger 



● Wants to do a clothes drive at Decomp.  Justin chimed in that we could also offer an incentive 

of a buck or two off admission to Decomp if you bring socks/clothes/underwear, etc.  BoD is 

interested in this, and will discuss and address as Decomp gets closer.


● Wants to set up a BWB area at Alchemy, to get the word out and get some interest in them.


● Infusion Festivals Update:  Chw reached out because they were advertising as being affiliated  with BM, and had pictures of BM, etc…  They have no affiliation to Burning Man or any regional burn.  It's a sticky situation, and the RCs are working with BMORG regarding these folks.  They  have since added language on some pages saying they are not directly affiliated with BM, but  they still have more language implying they are a "burn" than clarifying that they are not.  Jim  clarified that this discussion was just to keep the Alchemy BoD updated, he understands that the  BoD has no direct involvement or responsibility in regards to the Infusion Festival

● Newbie Burner/BRC meet and greet is coming up.  Will be held in a meeting room behind Radial,  and will include some discounts from Radial.  August 4th. 


Decomp discussion with Justin:

● Decomp Event Lead Team (DELT) is looking at two primary venues:  2 High Studios, and Blue Mark. 


● DELT has contacted 2 High, and is working with them so far.


● DELT would also like to look at the space next to B-Complex, working on contacts


● DELT wants to potentially do a full immersion style event, with a Decomp party in the middle of  it.  If the venue allows.  BoD is interested in this possibility, and will wait to hear options from  the DELT.  It would represent a significant budget increase for Decomp, but could also get more  of the community engaged in the event.


● DELT is targeting 2, 3, and 5 weeks after Alchemy.  Want to stay away from Halloween weekend.


● Jim pointed out that 2nd weekend of Oct is Pride, which might allow for more people in town  for Pride to attend


Update on the Online Fundraiser:

● Camp Dirigo has been fully funded, Offroad wheelchair project met minimum, and then did a  fundraiser to meet their recomputed maximum


● All other projects are still working on funding as of the meeting date. 

● Fees from paypal related to the fundraiser are turning out to be higher than expected.   Speculation that using a separate account lowered any discounts normally applied due to scale.   BoD still discussing how to handle PP fees.


Update on Art Fundraiser Event Report: 

● Still pending.  Team reports and a few other pieces are still outstanding.  Trevor has a lot of the  budget side, the SOPs and advice for future years.  Trevor will push to get everyone's reports in  soon.  Chelsea is working on a whole new process for artist submissions, funding requests, etc


● Rebecca would like us to get to a serious SOP discussion once the report is final.  We all agree  the old model doesn't work with the new online fundraiser, fund matching, etc. 


● Trevor has started collecting artist contracts.  Has 4 or 5 out of 17 total needed. 


Status update on Alchemy 2012:

● Team leads have been chosen and announced.  Still missing LL Lead, but expect to get an  application in soon from two potential co-leads.


● First TL meeting is Saturday the 28th at Famous Pub. 


● TL e-mail groups have been set up for each team (except LL and a new creative team yet to be named).


● Goal is to have budgets done for next BOD meeting.  We'll be sending out preliminary numbers  to each team as a starting point shortly.


Next meeting will be August 12, at Dawn's house, at noon.  601 Wesley Plantation Dr, Duluth, GA  30096

Meeting adjourned:  2:12 PM


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