Alchemy BoD Minutes: July 2010


Meeting started at 7:35
All BOD in attendance
Held at Colab

Container-- No charge from Smokey to host on land. Write into
contract. Deliver at anytime.

Date to retrieve tent--Troy emailed guy, waiting to hear back.
$100-$120 to learn to set-up by actual demo.  Troy to try to
renegotiate learning set-up fee.

Public-ness of Burn Plan-- Troy working on written part of of this.
Troy to finish composing and will send to board tomorrow.

Puzzle Update---happened

Art fundraiser update-- Those who wanted paid via paypal, were paid
today. Some refused money that were below their minimum. Other
requested checks, Troy to mail out.

Schwag-- Sparr willing to do model. Once we have the model, Troy can
get the quote

First aid--Lovelace looked for staffing agencies who could cover first
aid. Quote for Fri-Sun. $20-$30 per hour.

Chancelor interested in First aid and one other, Alchemy newbie

Fire Safety-- Lo and Eli sent info on this year's needs from Troy.
Waiting for reply on agreement to this year's plan.

Center Camp and Connexus still open for team leads

Team lead meet and greet-- need to schedule, BBQ one evening at Colab or ZenDen.

Need to schedule in town work times, Temple, Effigy pre-build etc.

**Troy to send out email to gate people from last year.

**Tunna to get Troy budget for APW/Effigy by week's end.

Conclave-- advertise time for a fire conclave from 9-945 pm on Sat.
Add this into language of write about publicity of Effigy burn.
""Saturday night Pageant fire conclave""

Monetary discussion about land payment happened. This will be included
in submitted budget by Troy (once he gets it typed up)

Newsletter with new language regarding conclave, Effigy, open team
leads, puzzles, etc

Pay security for perimeter in discussion. Smokey has people that do it
already for other events on 4-wheelers. Checking into this

Check with Smokey about firewood--already chopped or haul in

Meeting over at 8:35 pm

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