BoD Minutes: July 2009

Meeting starts 4:10 PM. Present are Rebecca, Troy, Joshua, Tunna, Lee, Clove.

1.  Information Flow and Approval: “The board decided X because” is a trigger phrase… wording similar to this must be approved by board. Decided to continue discussion of this topic with all members present at next board meeting.

Basically dismissed the topic, leaving it as concluded last month. Troy: People are going to say what they're going to say, and it's probably not actually creating enough of an issue outside the board to devote this much energy to it.

2.  Update re: Fundraiser.

Rebecca submitted 1st draft of wrap-up report to art team. Waiting on responses from team members to complete. Further discussion? Art team to determine how to distribute Aislinn's money. Also, Troy needs receipts for reimbursements if they're out there. Need to get newsletter out soon with work weekend etc... would like to have art team report in there. Rebecca will try to get wrapped up by Friday at the latest.

3.  Gate Manual Review notes, if any.

Gate staffing. Troy has gotten plenty of responses from RV workers who can staff the gate. All in price range. All are 2 people for the whole weekend. Question as to whether 2 people will be enough for the busiest times. Will supplement RV workers with volunteers at busy times. RV workers to be ultimately responsible for following procedures r.e. waivers, ID checking etc... Volunteers to be managed by RV workers. Suggest that volunteers handle less critical tasks and RV workers focus on critical stuff like waivers, ID checking etc...

To discuss by Friday...ish. Online. Lee has edits to add, but hadn't added them yet.

4.  Troy Action item from last meeting: Weekly log of changes to web site sent to board. Incomplete, needs to be done. Carry over action item to next meeting.

5. Bylaws. Submitted to the community for comment, comments have been incorporated. Troy sent copy to Raspa and Andi Grace for review/comment, got no response. Vote to approve: All vote yea. Bylaws in effect immediately.

6. Troy: Parkchase wants to do census as his personal project. Should we send census info to ticket-holders' list? Only want to use ticket-holders' list for information directly related to ticketing, event, not for art projects or other ancillary stuff. For one thing, the ticket-holders' list isn't easy to opt out of, so we don't want to send stuff they might not want. Don't want to open the floodgates to other projects basically spamming that list.

Adjourn at 4:58 PM.

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