BoD Minutes: February 2012

February 2nd, 2012 - Meeting Agenda and Minutes

Meeting Open: 3:25 PM
BOD present: Troy Cobb, Trevor Register, Rebecca Rea, Jonathan Laliberty, Sarah Griffith, Age Ginsburg
Also present: Gorey Glenn, Lee Watts, Karrin Duncan, Jessica Seales, Alex Alderman
Arrived later: Meghan Rutigliano from BMHQ

Old Business

1. Euphoria 2011 Final Report

Rebecca reports that everything is complete except Lowe's/Home Depot purchase information from the work weekend before Euphoria. Troy will send Alchemy debit card reporting from that period, after which Rebecca will update the report based on this information.

2. Alchemy 2011 Event

 Troy reports that the Alchemy 2011 event report is nearing completion and currently sits at greater than 50 pages. Financials are also mostly done, with a new commitment to try to finished them by Friday.

3. Decomp Event Report

The Board consents to publish the Decomp Event Report as is, even thought it does not contain detailed information about the service fee cost for invitations sold.

4. BOD Schedule of Tasks/Events

Rebecca was to produce. The board consents that we will de-emphasize the need for this until org transition to a non-profit. Immediate requirements are being handled by separate ELTs as needed. We expect to produce this calendar retrospectively before the board transition for 2013. Item to be tabled until last meeting of the year.

5. 2012 Scholarship Tickets

The Board consented to provide scholarship invitations to just Euphoria and Alchemy this year. Scholarship invitations will be awarded by a random drawing among those submitting to participate. We will suggest that winners record/photograph their experiences.

We will award 7 scholarship invitations to Euphoria and 13 to Alchemy.

Trevor will contact Internet team for infrastructure to handle submissions, and reporting on how to handle randomness.
Deadlines: For Euphoria scholarships, callout to go out on 15th, open submissions 15th, close on Feb 28th, announce on Feb 29th.

Alchemy deadlines will mimic Euhporia's once invitation sale dates are established.

6. 2012 BM Regional Summit

Age and Rebecca were already considering going on their own dime. The Board feels strongly that the Regional summit would be of benefit to all organizers of the event. This year in particular, because we're converting to 501c3, implementing a cap for the first time. As such, the Board consented to cover up to $500 in expenses for each elected Board member and for up to three Georgia RC's. The max outlay for the organization is $4000. The expenses to be covered include airfare, entry fees, and hotel, up to the stated amount per person.

Troy to organize airfare purchase and to send reminder details.
All those attending from Alchemy will be required to produce a team presentation of our learnings for delivery to the broader community.

7. 501(c)(3).

Rebecca reports that there is a 45 day timeframe from State registration submission to submit forms to IRS. Rebecca plans to clear up any outstanding questions within the week. The Board also discussed financial logistics, with the current plan to leave our merchant processing for Alchemy LLC with Paypal until the new organization non-profit designation is confirmed by the IRS. Then obtain a new account under the new entity and switch ticket processing over to that. Age will reach out to Storm (Burnt Oranges) for details about their initial submittal to IRS and other guidance they may have.

8. PR/Communications team discussion

After extensive discussion, the Board agreed to table this consideration for a few weeks to discuss composition of team and specific roles, etc. Rebecca will work up a rough draft of communications team guidelines for consideration. Others may do so as well and discuss on list. All discussion points should be posted to the list NLT Feb 26th.

9. FLAME request to rent structures

Board consents to deny this request at this time due to a lack of process or understanding of the true risks. We will agree to rethink this decision after the new non-profit entity is formed.

10. APW long-term storage proposals

There are a number of options under consideration, with no firm suggestion at the time. The team is looking for climate controlled space with work area, but is finding little at ground level. A hybrid solution may be proposed.

In addition, we discussed the panel truck, which is currently still broken down at Cherokee Farms. Lee will find a mechanic to review the condition of the truck and quote repairs. She will also find a towing company to get this to the mechanic. Target for all of this is to coincide with the APW March inventory plans.

11. The Board confirmed the following items voted online in the past month:

a. Approve Internal Board Use Only minutes from January 15, 2012 meeting?

i. ALL: Yes.

b. Euphoria ELT decides on ticket cap for Euphoria 2012?

i.Troy and Trevor: No
ii.Rebecca, Age, Sarah and Jonathan: Yes

c. If approved, forward all other applications for Web Team to Russ, allowing him to select his own team.

i. ALL: Yes

d. Approve the creation of a year round Public Relations Team? (note: this does not include choosing anyone specific as the lead)

i. Age and Troy: Yes
ii. Rebecca and Jonathan: No but not blocking
iii. Trevor and Sarah: No, blocking for further discussion

e. Final meeting schedule for 2012: Do you approve the (hopefully final) proposed meeting schedule for 2012? February 12, March 11, April 1, May 20, June 24, July 8, August 12, September 16, October 14, November 11, December 9.

i. All: Yes

f. June 23 for Art Fundraiser?

i. Trevor, Sarah, Jonathan, Age, Rebecca: Yes
ii. Troy: Abstain

g. If created, approve Jessica Seales as Lead for PR Team?

i. Rebecca: No - not blocking
ii. Trevor, Troy, Sarah: No - blocking - more discussion
iii. Age, Jonathan: Yes

h. Black out the Alchemy and Euphoria websites on January 18th for 12 hours in protest of SOPA?

i. All: Yes (hooray!)

i. Additional meeting: Sunday, January 29th? Location and time can be decided after this poll.

i. Rebecca, Sarah, Trevor, Age: Yes
ii. Jonathan, Troy: No


 New Business

1. Euphoria 2012

The Board discussed ticket pricing, ticket tiers, and attendance caps in detail. The Event Lead team proposed an attendance cap of 750 attendees for aesthetic reasons (to preserve the smaller burn feel). We identified no infrastructural reasons for the cap. After extensive discussion, the ELT and Board agreed on the following structure:

  • 751 Attendee cap
  • $35 Invitation price, no pricing tiers
  • 7 Scholarship Tickets
  • Remaining Invitations to be released in two batches for sale
  • March 1, 2012: 372
  • March 17, 2012: 372

Invitations will remain on sale until they sell out, or until midnight before the event begins.

2. Year round teams

The Board discussed establishing some teams as year-round, rather than event oriented. The following teams were proposed and discussed:

  • Communications/PR
  • Web/Internet
  • Inventory & acquisitions / Quarteremaster
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Volunteering

Age agreed to write up proposals for year-round teams, especially as involved with APW/Quartermaster, so that we might discuss this division of labor with the current APW volunteers and team leads.

3. Web Update/Status

Rebecca reports that the Euphoria website is in progress, with a volunteer database in place.There is no tight integration with our ticketing provider, Thundertix, as yet.

Troy offered to reach out to the Web team to help coordinate potential integration points with Thundertix as he has had this discussion with our vendor already.

4. Finances and Handling of money by ELTs

Day-to-day finances will become much more tricky this year with multiple individuals potentially purchasing items. The Board believes that adding professional bookkeeping will help. We will also explore making the Quickbooks cash-flow reporting options more available to all board members, potentially by using the online service. At the very least, ELTs will need to rework event budgets to include timing requirements, so those purchases can be made appropriately against cashflow.

Troy will research our online Quickbook options, before next meeting.
Age offered to review purchase requests and match against cash-flow.
Euphoria ELT to rework budget to include timed-basis, by March 1st.

5. The ""Facebook thing"" and social media

The Board consented to no longer actively moderate the Facebook group, and only take action if our very small set of rules are violated (blatantly illegal activity discussed, for instance). We will also move toward an announce-only type setup on Facebook, stemming from our official pages.

Troy will research using a Facebook page versus our own custom websites (with the Facebook Graph integration) to see if using our current custom website will still allow us the flexibility we'd have with a Facebook page.

6. Alchemy-related invitation and attendance cap details

The Board consented to table this until the Alchemy ELT presents a proposal, which will come no later than next meeting.

7. Additional Notes

Meghan Rutigliano noted that all of the Board members would be invited to attend the Regional summit. She also requested that we consider several presentation possibiities at the event, including presenting on our Art Fundraiser innovations. She asked that we write up a one-page description of our Art Fundraiser with a concentration on how it is unique and it's successes.

No deadline was set and no one volunteered to do this.

The Board meeting ended at approximately 8:20pm.

The next Board meeting will be held at Colab. Troy will chair, Sarah will take notes.

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