BoD Minutes: February 2009

February 8, 2009
Tunna, Troy, Rebecca, Joshua, Lee, Clove in attendance, meeting begins 16:07

Old business:
* Event Report
•    Need to finalize event report. Troy will edit chandler and financial section, save as PDF
•    Rebecca will post to website
•    Troy will send link to interested parties, Raspa, BROF
•    Clove will send link to Regional lists

New business:
* Team Lead Descriptions
Board spent the remainder of the meeting editing team descriptions

Action Items:

* Lee:  massage team descriptions and send edits for approval to board list by Wednesday, February 11.  Board to review and agree by Friday
* Troy:  Invitation to apply for team leads should be sent out as soon as possible, to be reviewed by board.  Invitations to be sent out NLT Feb 16

Meeting adjourned 18:30

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