BoD Minutes: August 2009

Action Items

1. Send email to APW outlining your ideas about the work weekend
2. Send email to Fire Safety regarding the issue with the sled.

1. Send email to TL's no later than 8/10 regarding the Survival Guide
2. Research screen printing on the in/out tokens
3. Look up legalese for the wording of the rental policy

1. Etching of the bullets completed by drop dead date of a week from today

Meeting Minutes:

Locale: The Reef, Puzzle's house, Woodstock, Ga.
Members in attendance: Clove/Buttercup, Joshua/Try Me!, Lee/Puzzle,
Rebecca, Troy/Runaway, Tunna Kerosene

Work Weekend
Work completed: Spars for the effigy cut and assembled, stored in
several pieces. Boards for the effigy bar cut. Potty shades partly
assembled. Identified areas where we can improve, will be sharing that
with the APW team leads.

Site Changes
Road in front of the stage will be closed. Road rerouted to the road
at the bottom of the hill. Will use barricades to block off the old
Justin has asked to keep the circus tent where it, in the field to the
right of the stage.
Connexus will move to the new fork in the road.

Fire Team Request
The Fire Safety made the request to us a 'sled' owned by Vespa to use
for fire control at the effigy and at the other fires at the event.
Vespa has requested compensation for his gas expenses to bring the
sled to the event. In keeping with our historical policy to not
compensate volunteers for travel expenses and after conversation about
our rental policy, Troy will ask the Fire Team to define the issue
they are trying to solve and come up with ways we can solve the issue
that is more in keeping with the philosophies of the LLC.

Rental Policy
Fire Team's request brought up a discussion of whether or not we would
be willing to compensate a participant as a rental vendor. After
discussion, it was decided that we would stick with our current policy of not compensating volunteers for travel expenses and we would word our rental policy to ensure that we rent only from vendors who can provide full support for the product being rented.

Invitation/Budget Report
Current sold: 459
On target to hit a total attendance of 1100 if last year's numbers hold.
$12K in the bank, looking at what from our budgets can be purchased.
Budget reports now available with the other financial reports.

In/Out tokens
HAHa you cant know 'cause its a surprise!!!

HaHa you also can't know 'cause its another surprise

Survival Guide
Rebecca will post topics to the team leads no later than 8/10
Submission deadlines by 8/20
Ready to publish by 9/1

Gate Team
Troy will be meeting with the hired gate RV couple at the end of next week

Storage Unit
Current contract with the storage place up in October, can go month by month.
Idea of buying a storage container (approx $2000) seems to be where we
want to go. Have to price them out and figure out where to store it.
Information we need to gather:
Store it at Cherokee Farms, land lease
Store it at Colab, dependant on Colab being a reality and giving
prices on how much the storage fees would be
Price to ship it from Atlanta?
How much more work will get done if we house in Atl and ship to LaFayette?

Spring Event
Discussion of Spring Event. Will discuss on Alchemy Talk to see what
the reaction is.

Next Mtg- Rebecca, note taker. Joshua, facilitate.

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