BoD Minutes: April 2009

4/12/2009, began meeting @ 4:15
In attendance: Rebecca, Joshua, Lee, Tunna, Clove, Troy via iphone and Keith

Troy to do details for team lead meeting/work time in May at their house.

By-laws, Rebecca & Troy's idea... suggest if Alchemy dissolves---liquidate everything and donate. Write into by-laws to donate for local usage?

Co-op model-- Lee suggests no need for co-op model if approach to by-laws are as above.

Rebecca to do write up on all over policy to recognize membership of Alchemy.
questioning participation by Joshua and Tunna. Lee suggests coming up with policy to include with by-laws. Show up to vote?  Is presence necessary?
Put the sign-up on the waiver at the festival. List of people who attended the event or list of those who paid, previous two years. Possible form on website to opt in?
Continue with waiver for 2009...then proceed with waiver only for following years.

Work on by-laws online. Rebecca to go through by-laws and revise to include the above, along with Tunna's document.

Regional status email--- Troy to send out asap

Troy has financials done, will send when access to internet

Art fundraiser-- need to firm date. make note in next Alchemist and website to push for artist submissions. Submissions to be in by 7th if 20th, and 14th by 27th.

Newsletter-- mostly ready except, waiting on date for fundraiser. template needs to be re-worked?? maybe make it more like Jack Rabbit, more info--less fluff.
Clove to email Lee the how it works on the fundraiser and also send to Rebecca for website
Lee to send to BOD for approval/format then get out.

Team leads-- Troy to meet with Green and get verbal synopsis on his idea, versus continuing to wait for proposal on paper.
Gate, LNT, Internet still needs leads.

Logo, creative commons-- One commercial attribution, work on wording for artistic use, but non-commercial use. Non-commercial use allowed (not for profit)
Burning Man policy--- use of logo for anything coming on site or gifts only, outside of that, all things are licensed.
FAQ on creative commons website states commercial vs. non-commercial fine not define
Limited license-- meet specific criteria.
Make clear gifts, items to come to Alchemy etc do not need license. Write up those things that would need by example

Art limited usage--  need to include note of derivative works. everyone needs to read

End of meeting, Keith brings up use of logo in his art. Requests license. need to figure out a way to apply license to Keith as we would any one else who would request one for the same instance.
Come up with standard to apply towards anyone.
From now on caveat for Keith? Anything previously created non issue?  Not breaking guidelines as no guidelines have been created yet.

Decision to not protect logo at all.  Trademark ""Alchemy, The Georgia Burn""
This puts creative commons discussion right out.
Joshua to write up announcement of this.
Rebecca to make copy of letter of understanding to Keith.

meeting concluded 5: 35pm

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