FAI BOD Minutes June 2016



The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at Scott’s house at 6:00 pm on June 19, 2016, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: Dusty, Rebecca, Tunna, Michelle, Anna

The following Officers were present: Dusty, president; Michelle, vice-president;

The following members of the community were present: Justin, Jen, H-Bomb, Brian M., Brian C., Sarah, and Trevor.

The president called the meeting to order at 6:24 pm.

The reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting was waived as they had been presented for review online. The minutes were approved with the amendment of striking the subject information of the executive session.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:

May 25, BoD Hangout

  1. Alchemy 2016 dates are October 12-16.

The following old business was discussed:

  1. President’s Report - Dusty has stepped down from the EC

  2. Committee Updates​

    1. PW Committee

      1. Storage Fees @ Smokey -

        1. Tunna will talk to Smokey next weekend person, there several items still onsite,
          including a truck.

        2. Moving the container is on the back burner until we have a place to go. Mileage and time frame determine cost

      2. Move from LF- scheduled for 7/9 at 11:00 am. 2 trucks plus pickup will be needed, pricing truck options

      3. New Storage and Impact to Budget - Storage costs for July-December are $2,640. Currently this payment is coming out of PWC budget. PWC will be reimbursed at a later date, if necessary.

      4. Who owns the budget for the move from In-Town to Bowden? - Events Committee

      5. Do we need new tablets - Move to Tech-ops

  3. Event Committee

    1. Euphoria post event reports - 60 day report first draft due 7/1, format in Google Drive

    2. Euphoria Financials -Some outstanding checks still to be cashed, Dusty to get with Stacia to confirm numbers

    3. Alchemy event proposal - Very nearly ready. Numbers must be re-looked out because of increased transit costs

  4. Communications Committee - Alchemy website launch - 6/22 projected for site launch

    1. Distribution channels of info- Michelle met with Cheesepants to talk about operational channels to make Alchemist to be more efficient. Will put out communications process and org chart for that committee.

  5. Community Outreach Committee - The project to place a piece of art made by the community at Woodlands Garden is still underway. Meeting with Garden on 6/21. Seeking grants for funding.

  6. Land Search - Will PWC head it again? Anna will chair and PWC will partner.

    1. Options - public call outs in the next Alchemist regarding all options of rental or buying

    2. Requirements - Board needs to set guidelines, if PWC will to take the lead on vetting

  7. Sexual Consent/Harassment Committee - Policy/process formalization -  Proposal submitted, board to review feedback by July 3rd

  1. Budget

    1. Organization Mid-Year Review -Board to review budget --aim for next weekend to vote on mid-year budget

    2. Confirm Organization Contribution Expected from Alchemy -  $70k Alchemy contribution is what Michelle is comfortable with. Board need to vote on mid-year budget

  2. Committee Charters - tabled - outstanding conduct committee will go to board

  1. Template

  2. Organizational Chart

  3. Conflict resolution (intra/inter-committee; committee and board)

  4. Committee report template

  1. Event insurance - Anna - will apply as soon as new land contract is signed

  2. FAI Annual Report - tabled

  3. 2014 and 2015 Taxes - concerned about position with Luce & Assoc, consider switching providers in 2016. Considering alternatives. Charges $600 for tax return, ongoing consultation is free

  1. 2014 completed? Almost done

  2. 2015 status - Michelle will keep us posted.

  1. By-Laws - Who votes in these elections? How to confirm attendance at events? Tabled

  2. Alchemy Event Site Location  

    1. Contract Review - review and vote on Wednesday

  3. Art Fundraiser

    1. Financial report - Will meet budget. 167 people to buy tickets | 180 ballots were cast | $300 in cash taken in | $7,321 taken in  |$2,700 in auction

    2. Future and direction


  1. Board Member Participation  - Tunna resigned, effective immediately. Will stay on to through the week to wrap things up

    1. Who wants to be here?

    2. Too Disconnected to see the big picture? (thinking before acting)

    3. How much supervision does everyone need?

  2. Event Lead Roles (How do we support those carrying the biggest load?)

  3. LF Contract - Letter to Hallman’s sent  and received

  4. Potential Legal Action/Costs RE: LF Contract

  5. Meeting Schedule - moved to online discussion

    1. 7/10 - Stephanie Memorial

    2. October - Alchemy Build Weekend

  6. BOD Attendance @ Stephanie Memorial - Anna, Rebecca and Michelle will attend

  7. Attorney Retainer Renewal Coming up - waiting on number

  8. Attorney/Client Privilege and Org Accounts (What needs to be protected?) - Rebecca to ask Ash for documents

  9. Alchemy Banking Housekeeping

    1. Adding Rebecca as Signatory on Event Account - Dusty put forth, Rebecca recused passed by consensus

    2. Ordering Debit cards for New Purchaser and Rebecca on Event Account

  10. Political Campaigns @ the Burns. - Dusty to draft Alchemist article

  11. Bank Statement (06/19/2016 @ 14:08)

    1. Org:            38,600.20    

    2. Event:             21,906.58

    3. APW:            13,497.16

    4. Money Market:        50,022.14    



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