FAI BOD Minutes: April 2016



The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at Lavender Farm at 2:00 pm on April 10, 2016, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: Dusty, Rebecca, Tunna, Michelle, Anna (arrived 2:50 pm)

The following Officers were present: Dusty, president; Aislinn, secretary

The following members of the community were present: Lauren, Thomas, Paul, Ryan, Leo, Karissa, Justin, Jhenah (sexual consent committee)

The president called the meeting to order at 2:15 pm.

The reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting was waived as they had been presented for review online. The minutes were approved as amended by consensus after a motion from the chair.

In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:

  1. Motion by Tunna (Rebecca second): To approve Robert’s Timber to complete Option A of their contract. Passed by consensus.
  2. Motion by Tunna (Rebecca second): To approve the FAI 2016 budget, with edits. Passed by consensus.
  3. Motion by Tunna (Michelle second): To approve a $90,000 organization contribution from the Event Committee for the Alchemy Burn. Passed by consensus.

The following old business was discussed:

  1. President’s Report – There were two fraudulent checks written on the FAI account. It was caught quickly. Dusty has worked with the bank to protect the accounts.

  2. Committee Updates
    a.       PW  Committee – Roads, ants, and a culvert remain issues. Efforts are underway to handle them. New generator and canopies are ordered.
    b.      Event Committee
    Alchemy leadership transitions - Rebecca will assume an official event lead position for Alchemy. Dawn will continue as a event co-lead.

    Ticket prices -$99 for Alchemy.

    Volunteer shifts – there are more volunteer shifts than there are attendees. 40% are filled. Review is needed.

    Effigy is underway. It may need to shift position for a safe fireline. Cannot be within 100 feet of a treeline.

    June 11 is date for the Alchemy Art Fundraiser. Lucas and Casey will be running the fundraiser. Matt Thompson will be handling the spreadsheets.

    The board is very happy with how the Event Committee is working together, especially given all the change and upheaval this year.

    c.       Communications Committee – In person meeting on 4/6. Alchemy website work is underway

    Gate ticketing system – saw a demo. Did a test run and things worked well. There will be another test run to make sure everything works properly.

    Alchemist - Ben Cheesepants is taking over as managing editor from Ghini. Michelle will do the Alchemy Survival Guide.

    d.      Community Outreach Committee – Plan to bring back the Hungry Caterpillar. Dusty will deliver food to local food bank after Euphoria.

    e.      Sexual Consent/Harassment Committee - First Draft submitted for BOD review on April 4. Tabled for review Google Hangout on Wed, Apr 13.


3.                   Budget – Michelle Completed via earlier Hangout

4.                   Committee Charters – Tabled

5.                   Event insurance – Anna Completed.

6.                   FAI Annual Report - Michelle (posted for review on 3/23) table until Wed 4/13 Hangout

7.                   2014 and 2015 Taxes – Filed extension.

The following new business was discussed:

1.       Check fraud update – Stated in the president’s report.

2.       Credit Card Fees – Dusty needs to get a letter from the bank to switch the accounts.

3.       BOD Meeting Schedule – Next meeting on May 15 at 2 pm at Anna’s house.

4.       By-Laws- Tabled

5.       PO Box – Michelle renewed FAI PO box.

6.       Bank Statement – Michelle will send via e-mail. Euphoria, at this time, is in the black.

a.    Org:                                   

b.   Event:                               

c.    APW:                                 

d.   Money Market:                                            



Tunna will arrange move of second container from Cherokee Farm to Lavender Farm. Due by April 15.

Rebecca – Will delegate researching Eatonton outlets to find good retail partners.

Board - Review Rebecca’s committee charter template

Tunna - Contact Jacob about U-Haul truck promissory note and title. Transfer ownership to FAI.

Rebecca -follow up on ant hills.

Tunna – roads contractors.

Board – after Euphoria, review governance/operational structure. Now that we are no longer pursuing 501c3, do we need to operate the way we are now? Is there a better structure?

Volunteer vs organization intellectual property – who owns it?

Michelle - review ticketing system.

Michelle - ensure Alchemy site launch will not conflict with Arts Fundraiser on June 11.

Dusty -  get a letter from the bank to switch the accounts for credit cards fees.

Board- review Rebecca’s draft contract for infrastructure borrowing by Wed 4/13 Hangout.

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm.

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