FAI BOD Minutes: April 2015



The regular meeting of the Directors of FLASHPOINT ARTISTS INITIATIVE, INC. was held at 2:00 p.m. on April 11th, 2015, as a scheduled meeting by general consent of the board instead of the registered office of the corporation, pursuant to the bylaws of the corporation and by notice given to the community through all normal channels.

The following Directors were present: David, Jessica, Sunshine, Anna, Tunna

The following Directors were excused: Tareq, Ash

The following Directors were absent:

The following acted as secretary for the meeting: David

The following members of the Community were in attendance:

The reading of the minutes of the last regular meeting was waived as they had been presented for review online.  The minutes were approved as amended in online session by consensus after a motion from the chair, seconded by Anna.


In notice to the community, the Board submits this record of Business taken in session by the Board since the previous meeting:


  1. Approval of transaction to purchase event policy insurance to cover Euphoria in the amount of $2,506 via online poll. (Consensus)

  2. Approval of contract with Georgia Center of Nonprofits for facilitation of board retreat with costs not to exceed $1,100. (Consensus)


The following old business was discussed:


  1. Board Secretary Process - Anna; noted Corwyn has an interest and will volunteer for our next session to try recording the minutes.  Anna will hand off the job description.

  2. Regional Status - new events policy from BM needs further review (Regional Use Agreement) but we’ll talk about status again.  Action to contact BMORG to set up meeting.

  3. New Venue Committee

    1. status on callout - went out in the last Alchemist, no responses.

  4. Committee Updates

    1. PW Committee -

      1. Looking at Euphoria and Alchemy purchasing, would like to acquire $2300 in materials (new TBase tent, Large locking tool storage, enclosure kit for 12x26 fire safety tent); may extend budget post Alchemy.

      2. New property acquisition process working

    2. Event Committee Updates

      1. Event proposal under new business

    3. Community Outreach Committee

      1. Event at the Goat Farm will be published; Beltline Partnership, 6pm Tues

      2. Easter Art Hunt went well

    4. Communications Committee Updates

      1. Training new person to manage Alchemist

      2. Website rebuild moving ahead on planned schedule

    5. Tech Ops Committee Updates

      1. Volunteer system overhaul is in process

  5. 501c3 Status - paperwork is being filled out, validation and finalization to be done soon, meeting scheduled for May 6th.

  6. Insurance -- D&O - David

    1. Refile for held on June 2nd, to show 501(c)(3) status filing.

  7. Global Leadership Conference Scholarship

    1. Funded, and a request for a report has been authorized by the board, to be entered into next month’s minutes.


The following new business was brought before the board:


  1. Alchemy Event Proposal

    1. Reviewed ticket price and count, votes taken on each case, option one was approved:




Board considered proposal, Jessica moved to accept the proposal, Anna seconded. Accepted by Consensus.

  1. Org Email addresses - Sunshine

    1. Addresses being set up, but have some fine tuning

  2. Jacob’s Retainer Renewal

    1. Board acknowledges a need for counsel and will consider the renewal when presented

  3. Bank Statement - Current as of 4/11/2015

    1. Org -   $40,319.48

    2. Event -   $40,310.25

    3. APW -   $2,618.11

    4. Money Market - $25,003.15

    5. Paypal - $0

  4. BurnShop - Team Lead Building and Team Building at Cherokee Farms

    1. Pending event proposal, by invitation, with program

    2. Minimal costing model

  5. Committee Mergers

    1. Merge Techops and Communication

    2. Merge Outreach and Programs (pending) and Leadership Development (pending)

    3. Merge Public Works and Venue (pending)

    4. All new committees tasked with naming and charter rewrites for online discussion and approvals, seconded Sunshine, approved by Consensus

  6. Strategic Planning Agenda discussion including Goal Setting

    1. 1) 501(c)(3)

    2. 2) D&O

    3. 3) Add Goal Setting to New Items on Agenda


The board generated the following ACTION ITEMS


Get Secretary Job Description to Anna -- David

Get Secretary Job Description to Corwyn -- Anna

Set up meeting with BMORG for Status -- Tunna

Org Email Addresses not working -- Sunshine

Goat Farm Event publish to Calendar -- Jessica

Goat Farm Event publish to Facebook -- Anna


The board confirmed the upcoming meeting:


May 17; Virtualized Meeting to replace May 9th meeting, 6pm ET, GChat


Motion to Adjourn,  3:30 pm, seconded by Anna; passed by Consensus.


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