Art Fundraiser Projects

We are pleased to announce the Alchemy 2018 Art Fundraiser!  

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The Online Fundraiser is now open through July 30th, at 11:59 pm.  Go Give All The Moneyz!

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2018 Art Projects Submitted for the Fundraiser

Spin The Wheel 

Spin the Wheel is an interactive burn game, an awful lot like the wheel form "Mad Max Beyond Thunder-dome". However, It will have a twist... Instead of having just horrible punishments on it, this wheel will have quite a few fun things to do, prizes, and of course "Pinkie's Choice".


Bronarch: The Need Fire, Butterfly

The Bronach will be an otherworldly burning butterfly sculpture roughly 8ft wide, roughly 6 ft long,  and perhaps 4 ft tall.



Resonance: the intensification and enriching of a musical tone by supplementary vibration. We seek to evoke the musicality in us all, to create and feed a collaborative Resonance through spontaneous community music.

The Button Zone

Imagine entering an area of buttons. Each button can make a sound, change the lights, can do *something*... it's up to you to discover the infinite possibilities of the button zone.


June Cleaver's Beaver Cage Camp

June Cleaver’s Beaver Cage is a warm, welcoming oasis of self-exploration and sexual education and community decoration. A range of play stations is available to discover new depths of yourself and those you trust with a welcoming guide. A variety of play items are stocked for check out with the Do Me Decimal System and a challenge for the most daring as you wind past all the daring delights in the Fill Your Soul Hole to give yourself a goal to complete by the time you come back next year to join the beginning of the legacy of June Cleaver’s Beaver’s Best Self Book.

Brownie Brothel 

Come by the Brownie Brothel, Alchemy’s boulangerie of iniquity, to hang out and consume the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp, regardless of your dietary restrictions. If ya wanna, let your friendly neighborhood cookie pimps teach you a little brownie-based lesson about how sexy consent can be.


Radical Self-Prepared Piano

Make a prepared piano - a piano converted to a unique percussion instrument through the addition of household objects into its strings - through communal effort and then set it on fire.

Firey Playground of Circus Combustus

The fiery playground of Circus Combustus provides entertainment for the entire Alchemy family. We entertain the burn community with our troupe of fire performers, acrobats, aerialists, musicians and comedians. We love this community and want to keep the energy high and the spirits lifted with all the fire we can bring.


You are not too young or too old to hop into Orb! Immerse yourself in color changing spheres of a different kind of ball pit.



Everyone brings energy from the outside world to Alchemy which can affect your ability to let go and enjoy yourself completely. We share how to clear your chakra
a system with an empathic guide inside the visually engaging two person Chakra-coon. We provide an educational card and use of Chakra specific crystals to balance or clear blocked/over-active energy centers in the 7 minute Rebooting experience.



Spacedome - relax inside of our stylishly lit geodesic dome with stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows.


Roving Reverence Rainbow

The Roving Reverence Rainbow is a two-seater vehicle created with the intention of sharing experiences of love and education! Hop on this brightly lit rainbow on a cloud, share your heartwarming stories, and be gifted with the SIGHT OF LOVE!


Augmented Reality Sandbox

Interactive topological sandbox let's you build landscapes and destroy them!

Pizza Palace

We want to bring pizza to the masses

Will You Lend The Crystal your Hand?

Oh, weary traveler, clouded in darkness, please approach the Crystal. With your touch you can begin to recharge it, and, with the help of five others, it just may recharge you.

The Bizarre Bazaar

Seekers of good conversation, afternoon shade, or cozy evenings will find their wishes granted beneath the rainbow parachute of The Bizarre Bazaar. For those craving either fellowship or nicotine, the Bazaar is happy to provide a surplus of hygge and hookah.



Tiny Tempest

The Tiny Tempest Secret Garden and Cloud Library is hidden in plain sight, another world where a storm is always gathering. Take a cloud friend with you when you go because precipitation likes to party too



Happy Hippy Hand-Cart (Refreshing Towels)


Providing hot towels in the morning and cold towels in the afternoon for campers to cleanse and refresh themselves.


The Eyrie


When a dragon's nest becomes unattended, we must assist with releasing the whelps.


Wanderlust Wafflery


Starving & wandering? follow your nose to the bold red and white marquee that is the Wonderlust Wafflery and the best Belgem Waffle you've never tasted. Baked fresh in 5 minutes the middle of woods!


Letters From Home

Postcards you can fill out and mail from the Burn (home).

Burn Chef

Burn Chef Alchemy, 2018 edition, watch your favorites compete to make something yummy from something weird.

Southtown Playatech Hospitality Lounge

Splinters in butts are not fun!

Park Place Town Square

Town Square for Pizza Palace and Margarittaville. We will have picnic tables, picnic blankets and open place for the games and activities that Margarittaville/D3 orchestrate

Hygge Crafting Workshop

Educate about the Danish concept of hygge (comfort and coziness) and invite participants to bring a little piece of handcrafted hygge back home with them, in the form of a tissue-paper stained glass candle holder.

Cake Stand

Cupcakes are a joy often eaten on the go, but a slice of cake is something people stop and savor. This is what I learned during one of my all-time favorite burn days at Flipside in Texas when I baked nine cakes of different styles and flavors and served them at my snack station. Alchemy will be my first burn with my self-converted Sprinter van, complete with a tiny kitchen. While I've served snacks - a lot of snacks - at more than 10 burns, I've never had an on-site oven. I couldn't be more excited to share my basic love of cake with you lovely Georgia burners.

As I've done this event before, I have a clear expectation of what it will take to complete it and I carry all of the pans, kitchen accessories and frosting tips around the country in my van, awaiting the day I get to use them at a burn. I'll make a grocery trip to fill my fridge and extra cooler with ingredients, make anything I can ahead, like frostings and fillings, and setting up a burner-pinterest style stand to serve as many cakes as I can make in a weekend. With the groceries I've allotted in my budget I believe I can repeat my nine-cake assortment on at least two days of the burn.


The Hydration Station

We are looking for funding for fruit and water so we can provide different chilled fruit infused water recipes to everyone at alchemy.  Let's keep every one cool, hydrated and replenishing vitamins all at the same time.  


The Spaceship Has Landed


3D fractal sculptures that explore RGB light interplay.


10 Principles+Us

Share with us your favorite examples of living the 10 principles and win a fabulous prize!



























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