Art Fundraiser

We are pleased to announce the Alchemy 2016 Art Fundraiser!  

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EVERYONE HAS BEEN FUNDED! That's right, all the artists who participated in the Alchemy 2016 Art Fundraiser at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta and the Online Fundraiser have had at least their minimum budget funded. That is in addition to 7 Cross Pollination Grant artists who have also received funding. You can view descriptions of all the fundraiser and cross pollination grant projects that are coming to Alchemy X below!

We raised $7,221 from the physical fundraiser and $801 from the online fundraiser for a total of $8223 and the community donated 360 pairs of socks to go to local shelters!

What was the vote count? Check it out:

2016 Funded Art Projects


Burning Picket Fences

"Throughout the burn participants can create signs and plant them in our protest garden or their own camps. For Alchemy we're adding the Propaganda Discorporated wagon to bring the sign making on tour three times a day.

What's your sign?"

Decay-dence: Composting With Worms

Taking leave no trace to the next level by bringing worm composting to Alchemy! Daily hands on demonstrations and feedings at 12pm each day.

Self-Care KitTens

The greatest gift one can give is the gift of relief and adorable company. And you can't take care of anyone else unless you first take care of yourself and the Self-care KitTens want to help you do that.

Sky Writings

Burners are invited to send their own intentions, thoughts, and wishes into the sky on the tail of a super-sized helium balloon. Write message on the provided flags, tie them to the cord and let them be blown by the wind to spread the goodwill, gratitudes, and dreams. All will be able to witness the colorful flags moving in the breeze and can share in the positive energy created. Flags will be included in the temple burning on Sunday morning.

Smoke Bath Experience

"Smoke baths and similar customs trace their roots back to many cultures as a ritual cleansing for the mind, body and soul.

The Alchemy Smoke Bath Experience is an opportunity for Burners to create their own variation of these ritualistic practices. Enter a large tent decorated with handpainted murals and filled with the fragrant smoke of sage, lavender, juniper and other herbs in a terracotta brazier. Use this environment to relax, rejuvenate, cleanse, and commune. Shells will be provided for skin scraping, feathers offered for wafting the smoke, and various acoustic instruments available for rhythmic meditation and harmony.(or bring your own)

We must always walk a path that honors others' views and teachings without sacrificing their customs or our own"

Hammock City!

See Hammock City! A magical wonderland in the Hinterlands of Alchemy! Relax, make friends, make art, have fun!

The Music Post

"Hello Community! Come play with the Music Post! This idea has so many options for lights, instruments and form. It can change and grow limited only by imagination. You are welcome to attend work days (will post), add suggestions, or make an instrument to add. At the burn, everyone is welcome to get their hands on the Music Post. Let us hear what you have!
After the burn this will be saved and will continue to evolve. "


Anyone miss showers at the burn? We do. This project is a water filtration/recycling system that ends up recycling around 90% of the water used through multi-stage filtration and sending it back through the shower. It creates a nearly infinite water loop so that a 5gal bucket of water will give about a 10 minute shower. The recycled grey water is so clean that it is better than tap water in most areas and has been rated drinkable by multiple post-filtration tests (we have sciencey statistical charts with pretty colors to prove it). These showers will be portable and will be a staple feature at Camp Business Casual for everyone to use (for a small donation of water) for many burns to come. Our maximum budget accounts for 2 showers instead of 1.

Mausoleum Of Sophia

It will encourage people to interact with the structure, have deep esoteric symbolism to encourage the mind and conversation, have a silent chamber for the individual experience and inspire more art of its nature.

Mausoleum Of Sophia

It will encourage people to interact with the structure, have deep esoteric symbolism to encourage the mind and conversation, have a silent chamber for the individual experience and inspire more art of its nature.

Easy Bake Titan

We'll serve baked goods and warm beverages all weekend along. Additionally, we'll engage the community via a Facebook poll to determine what kinds of foodstuffs we should provide during the weekend.

Yum Yum Delivery Service

"I am confident that we can feed 50-80% of the burn at least one meal and we will reduce food waste on site dramatically by getting rid of unwanted food.

We will be working with many camps and have volunteer opportunities for all. Camps already interested in working with us are: Camp Scheherazade, Camp Polite as Fuck, Queers next door, and ABC.

We are also planning on working with the Tentacles Brother's Ramen shop to bring you the maximum amount of deliciousness your tastebuds can handle."

Letters from Home

Anyone who wants to be involved can come fill out a postcard. Also, i guess the shout-out for artwork to put on them. And the local Post Office gets to process 2,000 postcards.

Destination Station

The Destination Station is an invitation for guided Participation. It's the bus stop for your burn.

Lunar Lighthouse

"I want to create a space for people to feel a sense of peace and at the same time vitality. A place that encourages uniqueness and togetherness.
The pergola and the moon lantern are representative of feelings of calm and security, with the fireflies on the spire representing the summertime of our youth. It is a safe place to feel like a child again. To reignite the excitement of discovery and looking at the world as a child again.
In the evening, music will fill the garden and just after the last of the sun's rays have disappeared, we will lite the structure on fire; creating our own fireflies and sending them to the heavens with messages of peace and love."

Alchemy Steffigy

A burnable art piece designed to honor Stefanie Roberts: a legendary burner and active participant in our community that was taken from us way too soon at the end of this past Euphoria. This is designed to be a radically inclusive framework for burners to place their own art pieces to be burned together in effigy to honor our fallen friend.

The Sky Is Melting

The sky is melting! Blinkenlights run amok, a gigantic 3D LED display!

Revelation Station

An old rotary phone and lamp sit atop a table connected to a vividly panted chair. The phone will ring at random dispensing tid bits of advice and universal truths. Those who answer the call will have the chance to add their own message to be passed on to other traveling burners. Hear that? I think its for you...

Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop

Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop - A magical moving food stall. Based on street food vendors from all over the asian continent, Tentacle Brothers Ramen Shop, hopes to bring the tastes and cultures of several asian countries to Alchemy. We want to create something that brings people together. Where through the gift of food, we open people up to new experiences, friendships, and memories.

Survey Flags

Flags will cover the burn, marching gloriously down the path or waving softly in the autumn breeze. No one will be able to escape the Flags.

The Altar of Lactose

Michelle and Skyler are using their food and construction expertise to make a sweet altar bar and serve gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from it. We love food and unrelenting eye contact, and we want to feed you.

Heart of the Fire

Fire is the heart of the burn, and I want to show you a new view of that heart. Using thermal imaging and live video, you will our fires in a new way, showing you unseen currents and movements of the heat.

Torch and Blade

We believe in cleansing before sinning and that is what we aim to do! Experience our full-size Guillotine cake social, lit by a Torch of common oil shed during our ancient Greece styled oil bath for all Seekers.

Memento Mori

I will create a large, two-faced skull of stick/vine/wicker using the freeform weaving technique. Burners will be able to enter the skull and view it from the inside. Designed as Memento mori of my parents, the skull will burn in bright colors: red/orange and blue/green/purple.

The Lesser Key of Solomon

An immersive, choose your own adventure horror game in the style of a text based RPG

Livin La Pita Loca

"Middle Eastern Fusion: Because why the hell not?
I've been test kitchening various recipes on a rotisserie for shawarma. After much consideration (and a lot of eating) I plan on serving Jerk Chicken Shawarma topped with Fried Plantain Tzatziki, Galbi Beef Shawarma topped with Kimchi and Pickled Turnip Relish, and Falafel (for the soulless infidels). "

Camp Twig & Berries

"Our objective for this camp is to facilitate open mindedness to the culinary experience for everyone at

alchemy. We want to share the incredible sensation of experiencing one of your key senses turned topsy-

Light the Way to Decadence: A Lantern Parade

Fun for burners of all ages. Decorate a lantern, march in the parade or watch as the parade winds through the Farm and enjoy others creations.

Disco Fish Junior Jr.

"The Narwhal is a scooter based art car shaped like a narwhal with sound reactive lighting. It tows the DiscoFish Jr., a modified bike trailer shaped to look like a lantern fish. DiscoFish Jr. carrying an arsenal of special effects including a professional grade bubble machine, smoke machine, lasers, and a 120W PA System that allows for a portable Disco throughout the burn.

Originally funded for Alchemy 2015, it was unable to attend due to issues with severe rain and mud limiting entrance to the event. The Narwhal suffered a few injuries during transportation from Gainesville, FL to Cherokee Farms and attending a few other regional burns and is need of repair.

Video of it being driven:
Hanging out at a local show:

Full Build photo album:"

Ministry of the Butterfly

The Ministry of the Butterfly is an interactive art installation that made its debut at Transformus 2015. It was a huge success for Alchemy 2015. We would like to bring, even bigger and better, for this year.


"A hot shower trailer that's water is reclaimed, filtered and treated with One-way mirror which will allow to see in or out (not both at the sametime)"



2016 Cross-Pollination Grants


Puzzle Quest Returns!

Puzzle Quest is a a large puzzle whose pieces are distributed throughout the burn. For Alchemy 2016 I plan to change the designs to a space theme with glow in the dark paint to increase participants engagement even at night. The puzzle pieces provide a unique task for participants and a way to meet new people by working on a fun project together.

Lighting the Labyrinth

The 3 Old Men labyrinth is back—and this time it lights up!

Tintinnabulum (formerly, the Chimes of Silent Hill)

"Tintinnabulum - the Latin word for "bell". "..In a clamorous appealing to the mercy of the fire, In a mad expostulation with the deaf and frantic fire, Leaping higher, higher, higher, With a desperate desire..." Edgar Allen Poe | The Bells"

Alchemy's Collective Consciousness

In Alchemy 2014 I brought Alchemy's Collective Consciousness to the burn. This project is a way to create a collective art piece that is unique to that years participants. My goal is to bring it back every year!

The Narwhal and Disco Fish Jr.

"Originally funded for Alchemy 2015, The Narwhal is a scooter based art car shaped like a narwhal with sound reactive lighting. It tows the DiscoFish Jr., a modified bike trailer shaped to look like a lantern fish. DiscoFish Jr. carrying an arsenal of special effects including a professional grade bubble machine, disco ball, smoke machine, lasers, and a 120W PA System that allows for a portable Disco throughout the burn. "

Blissfull BEing Mobile Apothecary

I will act as a mobile apothecary throughout the weekend sharing decadent, handmade herbal extracts (and perhaps treats) that offer adrenal support, electrolytes, minerals, respiratory aid, immune support, (some first aid) and lovely aromatic sprays to cool off, lift up and refresh! All medicines from the earth, crafted with loving hands and 3 years of experience in herbalism.


More chandeliers in the trees!

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