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Each burn is a unique temporary city, built by the participants for a short amount of time and then disassembled again. For Alchemy, our city will last just four short days. Basic infrastructure, including ports-potties, is placed prior to the event, but everything else is built by the participants.

Theme Camps and art installations are integral to a burn. Groups of people collaborate to camp together and build on a theme to offer something to the community at large - art, classes, performance, or just a chill space to hang out. Many people also camp alone and find other ways to participate in the burn.

Ah, participation - you'll hear that word a lot! Burns are about getting involved and bringing your own expressions and abilities into the mix. Through costumes, performances, joining in activities, gifting, contributing to work efforts or great conversation, everyone finds a way to participate. There is no "main performance stage" nor are there booked artists or performers. Think of the event as an empty canvas. It's up to each person to participate and paint it!

You'll see that fire arts are a big component of a burn. If you can imagine a way to perform with something on fire, you'll probably see it at a burn. The event culminates on Saturday night, with a ritualistic burning of a large artistic structure, which has different meanings to different people.

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