Alchemy, LLC Board Minutes: September 2008

"Meeting Minutes for Alchemy, LLC Board of DirectorsSeptember 13, 2009Location:  ShadowbrookIn attendance:  Danielle, Runaway, Puzzle, GBear, TryMe! and RebeccaMeeting convened at 3:12 pmPrevious items requiring a vote:1.  August meeting minutes:  All approved2.  Finalized insurance plan:  All approved3.  Waivers:  tabled, Rebecca to submit revised waivers by MondayOutstanding items:1.  Survival guide:  Three days to release.  Reworking for better presentation.  To be addressed by people at the work day today, and released by Wednesday by Puzzle.2.  Penis:  All approved.  Cock: All approved.  Junk:  Runaway abstains; Rebecca, Puzzle and Danielle approve; GBear and TryMe! disapprove.  Junk passes.3.  Alchemist:  Is this a duplicate of the Survival Guide?  General consensus held that it was not, and should still be presented.  This should be out by Sunday, after BOD approves. (Action Item: Puzzle)4.  Kid Law:  Action Item: Rebecca - Get revised list of laws to BOD by Wednesday, as well as having website with laws by Wednesday (to be linked in Survival Guide).  Action Item:  Rebecca - continue to try to get an attorney referral.5.  Perimeter lighting:  Done, including music syncher.6.  Stakes for perimeter lighting:  Action Item:  Runaway - to get at a home store7.  Golden Stake:  The idea of having one was adopted, and it will be used to center Effigy and create perimeter.8.  In/Out tokens:  Question:  Use Troy and Rebecca's dog tags?  All approved.  Question:  Alchemy to pay the cost of (only) the dog tags used?  All approved.9.  Current Financials:  Things are pending for this month, but we are within $2k of getting all budgeted items, including golf carts.  There were questions about how the tier 1 price appears on the financial reports, as well as Pay Pal fees (Action Item:  Runaway to review these, as well as reorganization of some of the items under "Miscellaneous").  Radio licenses were purchased under Troy's name (Alchemy is his "family") for 5 years.10.  Lamplighter Lead:  We have no lead, although a new person from Nashville has volunteered to help.  We have 48 new lamps11.  Staggered elections:  Election at the next Town Hall meeting for the Board of Directors of Alchemy will establish a future staggered election of the BOD, using the top 2 elected members as the people who will serve 2 years each, with the last 3 who will serve 1 year each.  All future elections will then be for 2 year terms.  All approved.12.  Art Fundraiser Report:  Sent to BOD by Puzzle13.  Decompression:  Meeting scheduled for Sunday the 28th of September, at Cherokee Farm (during work weekend), at 4:20, at the Staff Tent.  Decompression is scheduled for November 22, as an all night event.  The venue will be Blue Tower.  Funds will come from presales beginning a month prior to the event (October 15), as well as door sales.  Insurance will be from the same company Alchemy uses for the Alchemy Festival.  Promotion should begin right away.  A web presence should be established after Alchemy (possibly on burn night).  Runaway agreed to act as "co-lead" (Action Item:  Runaway and Danielle to talk this week for planning).  Questions were discussed concerning whether or not there will be an attendance cap (this depends on fire code), as well as security (Rangers, possibly) and other issues that might come about if this is an all night event.  Whether or not we use the hill will have to be in writing from the owners.  The web address "" was approved by all (Action Item:  Troy to get this address).  14.  Vision Statement:  TABLED! - All approvedAdjourned:  4:37pmEmergency Meeting of the Board of Directors, held directly after the scheduled Board meeting Question:  Should Alchemy pay for pizza and beer today for workers at the work day?  All Approved.Question:  Should we have an after party for Alchemy festival volunteers and pay for it from Alchemy funds?  All Approved. "

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