Alchemy, LLC Board Minutes: March 2008

"Alchemy BOD Meeting 2008.03.08 3:21 pm – Meeting startPresent: Lee, Joshua, and Lovelace. Troy and Rebecca on speaker phone. Danielle not present. Item 1: Issue brought up on list about child welfare

  • Propose to table the issue until the April meeting because Danielle is not present. Burning Man, Inc. will probably want to have input via Danielle. It will also benefit us to ask for their input and draw on their previous experience. A viable solution may already be in place.
  • Agreed

 Item 2: Regarding access to the volunteer contact list:

  • Majority (5:1) voted in Yahoo poll to open the contact list to all people with an email address. The minority vote was to open the contact list to an audience broader than the domain, so all members agree to open up access to the contact list.
  • Agreed to go with majority vote in the poll.
  • There was discussion about people not wanting their information available, but it was decided that anyone concerned about privacy issues can create a free Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. account that we can use to contact them. Anyone who chooses to withhold their phone number from this list may do so. Street addresses are not on the list.

 Item 3: Open/closing the gate

  • Gates open: 9am Thursday
  • Gates close: 8pm Saturday
  • Site close: 6pm Monday

 There was some discussion about having enough staff on site by 9 a.m. Thursday to handle opening the site at that time. The consensus was that that we should set the expectation that the event will open at this time and make sure that we have the staff to handle it. All agree to these hours. Item 4: Art teamClove just sent an email to the board list, organizers, etc. list about their progress to date. Item 5: Effigy meeting last weekLee was there. They've decided how they will divide their various tasks. Item 6: Scarlett's application for volunteer team leadThe consensus was that this is probably one of the biggest team lead commitments. The team needs someone with good organizational skills as well as people who reach across boundaries and can bring people together. We think it would be best to have two co-leads for this team. Board agrees to accept Scarlett as co-lead. Item 7: Press releasesHow and when to handle those. Do we want the media team or board to handle. Our long term goal is to have a person or persons on the media team handle requests for information. These people would ideally have some experience communicating with the press, but the most important thing is that the message they send out be consistent with the board's intent. Because we don't currently have that, and because the members of the board could be held liable for anything said to the press, it was agreed that the board should handle responses to the press for the time being. The matter of formal press releases and creating a Wiki page have a fairly low priority right now, so we decided not to do them. Next meeting: Sat, April 12 @ 3:00 pmFacilitating: RebeccaMinutes: JoshuaHosting: Lee (if Danielle doesn't want to) Meeting end at 4:03 p.m."

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