Alchemy, LLC Board Minutes: February 2008

"Alchemy Board MeetingFebruary 9, 2008Location:  ShadowbrookPresent:  Danielle, Joshua, Troy, Rebecca, Lee, Lovelace (all)Lovelace lead the meeting.Agenda Item 1.  Letter to Burning Man regarding official regional status.Letter is drafted and approved.  Troy will hand deliver this at the regional summit (February 15-18) in San Francisco.Agenda Item 2.  Burn Bios from Board Members, for website.Bios are still due from Joshua, Lovelace and Danielle.  Board was prompted to also send in photos.Agenda Item 3.  Temple for Alchemy 2008.Troy is going to re-address people who are interested.Agenda Item 4.  Team Leads.The Board confirmed:Justin- Music LeadMike - Site LayoutPete - Fire ConclaveLee - LNT LeadKeith - EffigyClaudia - GateStill unfilled roles as of meeting date were as follows:  Medical, Fire Safety, Mobile Art, Volunteer Coordinator, Site Services and Temple.Rebecca agreed to follow up with Tunna regarding his interest in Site Services.Other possible people to talk with about lead positions included Fuzzy for Medical and Ryan for Site Services.  Danielle agreed to talk to Ryan, and Lee agreed to talk to Fuzzy.New Business:1.  Fire Safety ideas.The Board discussed talking about fire safety issues in the Alchemy newsletter.2.  Voting Online.The Board agreed to try the Yahoo poll feature for voting purposes.  Poll items will be maintained by whoever is acting as secretary at the moment.3.  Parking Issues onsite.The Board agreed that we don't want a ton of cars parked within the festival this year.  The Board agreed that all cars parked within the camping area must be decorated, regardless of if they are mobile or not.  Such cars must register with Mobile Art.The Survival Guide will discuss this further, as well as the No In and Out policy will be stressed.4.  Promoter who contacted Joshua.Joshua updated the Board on the music promoter.  The decision was made that the promotor should be directed to Theme Camp Lead as well as Center Camp Lead.  Joshua felt that the promotor understood the idea behind burns, and would not be a problem.5.  Tickets.Tickets will go on sale April 1st.Next Meeting is at Lovelace's house.  Lee will take minutes, Rebecca will lead. "

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