Alchemy, LLC Board Minutes: August 2008

"Alchemy board meeting 8/9/20093:42 Meeting called to order. In attendance: Danielle, Lovelace, Rebecca, Troy, Lee, Joshua.VOTE: Troy moves that Lovelace be called "Giant Bear." All agree. Lovelace / GBEAR abstains.Financial reports and status reports from Troy. Troy did not bring copies, but they are currently up on the web site, under the Alchemy, LLC section. Troy made an executive decision to call the shade structures a depreciable asset. We are well under the expense limit and so we want to expense everything we can for tax reasons. Ticket sales at 302. Troy says, If we stopped selling tickets now, we could do everything we did last year. We wouldn't have some things that we want for this year like golf carts, but basically we're pretty good from here on out. As we get to 500 people, we get to do more discretionary things.New budget items:·         LED lights for effigy perimeter.·         Money for fire permits, etc…·         Money for medical? (Refer to Medical team lead once appointed)·         Sashes and patches for rangers?Insurance policy. Troy reports this is the 2nd insurer who has gotten weird with him. This one is Gold Coast who has insured Transformus. They were really responsive, but when Troy asked for the underlying documents to examine, they clammed up. Troy says he's not willing to give up on this guy yet, but he can't get any more info on our questions. Lee points out it's the end of the summer and he could be on vacation or something. Danielle says there has been discussion about Gale's Creek, which was the first company we touched bases with and says they are more responsive over phone than email. Maybe Troy should call.Need to talk about the volunteer labor rider. Two choices: one is primary coverage rider, which means insurance policy pays first before volunteer's coverage pays. Secondary coverage pays whatever is left over after the volunteer's coverage (if it exists) is exhausted.VOTE: secondary coverage. All in favor.Children at burns / attorneys issue. The list had like 400 attorneys. How should we divide it? List is really too big and we need a recommendation.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca says she'll send an email to attorneys she knows and see if she can get referral.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca to research GA and federal laws r.e. children just to get a summary.Restatement: Must notify bartenders of responsibility to card. Survival guide, newsletter, web page, at gate and at Connexus. Need something like that for adult activities.ACTION ITEM: GBEAR to update Flipside waivers for Alchemy and send to list for approval.In-and-outs: Lee has done research on tokens and buttons and dog tags oh my! Lee suggests pin-buttons because if you don't give it away it's just schwag, and it also makes it easy to collect them at the gate by pinning them to a cloth. Lee has a place that can deliver in a week that is like $250 for 800 full-color buttons. Troy asks if we've compared the price of that to the price of making them ourselves, but that would take time and Lee says home-pressed buttons would not stick together.ACTION ITEM: Lee to compare cost of ordering online vs. pressing ourselves.ACTION ITEM: Lee has a general design. Will email to the list for approval.VOTE: 20 in/out buttons/tokens for an in/out. All approve.ACTION ITEM: Lee has the last financial info she needs for the Art Fundraiser report and will forward the report ASAP.Work weekend report. Pauly from CA did GPS mapping. Did a little de-mooping. Erin and Green cleaned out brush on about 2/3 of the road.  37 people. 11 cars. Shortest board meeting ever!!!! Figured out where to put the gate and Connexus.Atlanta Decomp. Danielle is really awesome and forgot all her notes. She met with Jason from Blue Tower this week they would love to host us. We can spread out onto the entire hill. Danielle wants that in writing because that area is not technically theirs, but he says it's fine. He'd rather do a percentage than a flat fee, maybe 10% or 15%. Danielle likes that better. Troy points out that as you get a large number of people, the venue doesn't contribute as much as their percentage payment is worth. The attendees contribute more. People threw out sliding percentage based on attendance or maybe percentage with cap. Danielle says can get a one-day liquor catering license. Will need fire permitting and insurance. Inside the venue, capacity is about 500-600, more if we use the hill. Danielle suggests closer to 500 because the space tends to congregate people with bottlenecks. Need porta-potties. They're flexible about hours. Danielle suggests a town hall the next day in the same space.Question: Whether to have Alchemy town hall meeting with votes after the decomp, or whether to have just a regional town hall meeting with separate Alchemy meeting later.Question: How to introduce staggered elections or otherwise provide continuity to the board.ACTION ITEM: Danielle to introduce discussion about Decomp and staggered elections on the list.VOTE: Decomp first choice is November 22, 2nd choice is December 6th.Emergency and Fire Response stuff from Rebecca. Rebecca wants a general emergency response plan as to who does what. It should include Rangers, Fire Safety, Medical, Gate, and Troy.ACTION ITEM: Rebecca will start a discussion on Alchemy Organizers list.Team leads: Robert or Pauly for media team. Robert says if Pauly has the energy, he can have it. Troy is a big proponent of co-leads. Robert's primary interest is in the web site.VOTE: Robert and/or Pauly for co-lead assuming they both go for it. All vote in favor.Medical team lead: Bubba John and GBEAR.VOTE: GBEAR and Bubba John for co-lead. All approve.VOTE: Chwdog for volunteer team co-lead.  All approve.VOTE: Vision statement. Move to table! All approve.Danielle asks Troy if he knows of other areas where team leads could use a co-lead or something. Lamplighters is open since Adam moved to Seattle. Siryn and Unga said they would help with lamplighters. Still need an actual team lead, though.ACTION ITEM: Danielle to check in with Siryn and Unga and put out the call if they don't actually want to lead.Next meeting date is September 13th. Scarlett's house. Danielle facilitates. Rebecca minute-takes.Meeting adjourned at 5:16 PM."

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