Alchemy, LLC Board Minutes: April 2008

"Board Meeting, 2008-04-19, 4:27pmAll members present, many other observers A question regarding recording the votes of our YahooGroup online polls:The board agreed unanimously that the next meeting's recorder would identify closed polls between meetings and adds them to the minutes, with no discussion required. Online decision polls completed since last meeting:

  • Vote 6-0 in the affirmative for Amsterdam as temple lead (3/25/08)
  • Vote 5-0 in the affirmative with 1 abstaining for adding Board members' email addresses to bios page (3/26/08)
  • Vote 5-0 in the affirmative with 1 abstaining for setting our initial ticket cap at 1,000 participants, with the understanding that we will review this according to the number of volunteers we have at that time (3/26/08)
  • Vote 6-0 in the affirmative, approving $500 for space for art fundraiser (4/8/2008)

 Old businessVision statementPuzzle volunteers to put together guidelines for next board meeting.  Further discussion was tabled until next board meeting.  Insurance policyTroy reports that obtaining an insurance policy was still in progress, waiting for contact back.  Danielle noted that requirements included BRCLLC and the BM RC as additional insured.  Lee has in mind an insurance agency that writes risky policies.  To be nailed down before next board meeting.Effigy design proposalReceived and approved in prior meetingTemple design proposalInitial information received, but no full proposal provided as yet.Outstanding team lead positionsMedical:Lee reports that Thistle was willing to help, but that he is concerned about being stuck at medical.  The board agreed that we need someone on call 24/7 but not necessarily at the booth, training would be good for Rangers and possibly Team Leads (red cross, or Lee?).  2 hours of training may be enough.  Troy noted that we want an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) eventually.  Danielle agreed to ping regionals list to ask about medical team experience.  Question was raised:  what are legal requirements for medical?  Need research.  Rebecca agreed to research the legal aspect,  and Troy agreed to check out any insurance requirements.  Question was raised whether we should have participants sign waiver?  Board agreed that the ticket indemnification should be sufficient.Site Services and Volunteer co-lead positions:  these are still open and we're at a loss for good candidates at the moment.Child welfare How to protect children onsite:Ideas –Wristband that identifies key contact info.Concern is liability versus reasonable person standard.   People could bring kid to info tent.  What about wristbands for nonoverbals?  Need official policy for parents who have lost kids, how to deal.  ""Code Adam"".  It was noted that we had an official policy last year (close gates, find child before allowing anyone else out or in).  Consenus that we need the policy posted everywhere, survival guide.  Etc. It was noted that the issue is two pronged – not just kids getting lost, but kids exposed to adult material.Outstanding question is what is extent of liability?Parents' responsibility is clear in indemnification.  Should we extend photography restrictions?Let's be defensive versus reactive.  How to protect everyone at the event?  All agreed that the board should set a policy.  Will a waiver cover it?  What are the insurance requirements?  - Troy will find outWe need to find out what laws apply -  Rebecca will identify laws.  Put laws and code adam info in survival guide to inform parents – Mediateam. New businessLandowner touch baseTroy has spoken recently with the landowner and we are confirmed for Oct 2-6.  There will be another group coming in just after us so there may be some overlap on Monday.  The event cost will be the same as last year:  $2000 covers the first 750 participants and $5 per participant after that.Landowner staffTo clarify what landowner guests and staff are allowed on the property during the event, Alchemy will negotiate offering 20 laminates for use by Smokey as he sees fit.   This was not a problem last year, just preempts potential concerns.In-and-outsHow do we reduce in-and-outs including our own in-and-outs?The issue was tabled for further discussion onlineBudgetArt fundraiser, need to nail down details.  $500 cost to rent event space.  Board approved an additional $250 for other expenses.  We need detailed budget from Art Team. Board unanimously approved purchase of Quickbooks and invitations.Board agreed unanimously to approve general budget at next meeting – Troy will draw up budget.Board agreed unanimously that Troy will do a monthly posting of detailed financials, available prior to board meeting and then posted on the web for public information.Board agreed unanimously that items outside the budget expenditure process needs to be approved as a line item.Board agreed unanimously that they would allow a budget item overage as necessary, so long as it was the lesser of +25% or $200.Ticket Cap  Board agreed to keep the current ticket cap at 1000 participants.  After much discussion, the board agreed unanimously to re-address the ticket cap if and when we reach 750 sold or at the August meeting otherwise.Team Staffing LevelsThe board agreed unanimously that team staffing levels should be decided between the event lead and team leads, and if intractable disagreement, then the board gets involved.Staff Vehicles on siteThe board agreed unanimously that on-site staff vehicles should be subject to same mobile art requirements as other vehicles.StorageBoard tabled discussion of renting a storage unit until a later meeting.NewsletterBoard agreed unanimously to set the policy that the board will review and approve the newsletter prior to posting.  The media team will allow the board 48 hours for response.  Board agreed unanimously to start an online blog on the site.  – Troy and mediateam will work on thisArt FundraiserBoard agreed unanimously to ask the Art team to develop a contract between the artists and community (to include moop guidelines, etc).  We also request that the Art team show this to the BOD as soon as possible.AltBurnativeA new burn group called AltBurnative has approached us about getting involved in their July burn.  The board voted unanimously not to take on this event under Alchemy's umbrella. Meeting adjourned at 6:56pm.  Next meeting will be held on May 10th at 3pm.  Danielle will host, Joshua will facilitate, Lee will record.Just after the meeting, Tunna suggested that site services could handle all in/out deliveries during the event, perhaps on a set time per day."

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