Alchemy BOD Minutes: September 2013

September 15th, 2013
Meeting location: David’s House
2596 Alpine Trail
Marietta, GA 30062
Come to Order: 3:29pm
Board Members:  Sarah Griffith, Trevor Register, David Stabler, Dusty Graham
Secretary:  Carissa Chickenfried
Parliamentarian notes:   We are missing one Board Member, Ranger Nugget, who is missing his second meeting.
Also missing any Burning Man Representation.  They are available by phone, if needed.

  1. Approve of Lucas Sims organizing a Town Hall on September 14, 2013 at Freeside Atlanta.
    No opposition from the Board.
    Approved by community action.

Motion to accept record of business taken in session?
Proposed:  Trevor
Seconded:  Sarah
Approved by Consensus in Quorum

  1. Financial Update - Dusty
    1. AAA, Inc

2012 Income Tax form and a check for $8,722.00 will be mailed Monday, September 16th.  Still awaiting notification of any late fees from State and Federal.
2012 Sales Tax still pending, as the proper way to pay it is investigated.

  1. United Rentals

Outstanding bill from Alchemy 2012.  After investigation, it was paid in full.

  1. Chase Account  

We no longer use this account.  The account owner says she’ll be closing the account shortly.  

  1. Insurance Update - David
    1. Alchemy

Recently received some good indications from an insurer.  Awaiting a quote.  Indications seem good!

  1. D&O

Pending Org Transition.

  1. Forums - Trevor

     Going live this week!

  1. Euphoria - Sarah
    1. Afterburn Report Status

EELT is nearly done and polishing.  Report should be in soon.

  1. Euphoria 2014 Date & Location

Location:  Cherokee Farms
Proposed Dates:  Must be before May 1st, due to the burn ban.  We’ve  checked with the other Southeaster burns and the CF’s events calendar, which hasn’t been updated for 2014, so we’ll have to check with the land owner.  Choices, in order of preference:
1)  April 24-27  (Might conflict with a standing event on CF)
2)  April 10-13  (Might conflict with FLAME)
3)  March 27-30
     c.   General discussion about increasing art at Euphoria in 2014.

  1. Alchemy - David
    1. Upcoming meetings

September 29th, 3pm.  They also stayed after the Town Hall and spoke with various Team Leads.

  1. Vetting ByLaws at Alchemy

We’ll be using our old ByLaws.  New ByLaws will be rolled out post-transition and opened for community feedback.  Setting it up for use with QR codes (for cell phone use) and also for papers and a box.

  1. Decomp - Still unable to hold an official Decomp due to lack of Regional Status.  Discussed the possibility of holding a Reboot under the new org, post-transition, or of letting it go and allowing community member to throw what they will.   No firm decisions made.
  2. BM Regional Status
    1. Alchemy Status - Dusty

Our CPA met with Jim & Chw, BM RCs, and shared some financial information.   Status discussions are moving forward, but nothing to report yet.  

  1. BM RC Seat -> BM Advisory Position - David

Discussions are ongoing regarding specifics of the new position, but it’s unlikely to be finalized until after Alchemy and Org Transition.  The Board absolutely plans to have an Advisory Position with the new Org.

  1. Town Hall / Quarterly Meeting - Sarah

The Town Hall went well, though we’ve noted that we tend to lose people near the end, so perhaps they should be shorter, or perhaps we should break them up.  Afternoon Town Halls seem to do a bit better, too, as they don’t conflict with evening events.  Ideally, going forward, some could be community events, not just filled with event specific information.

  1. 2013 Art Fundraiser - Trevor

Event Report is done and will be passed on to the Board soon.  Everything seems to have wrapped up nicely.

  1. APW Update - Carissa

Still working on entering the Org Inventory.  Attempting to work with APW to improve
inventory management year round.  


  1. Year-Round Org Expenses (Budget) - Dusty

Still working on it with Stacia.

  1. New Org Transition - Executive Session

Final details of the new Org will be announced once it’s LIVE!  In the meantime, PW is working on our full inventory and a list of items that need repairing or replacing.

  1. Bylaw Review [Phase 1] - David

Going over the (soon to be) old ByLaws, also factoring in community feedback received to date.

  1. Communications policies - Dusty

Further discussion what our policies should be, going forward.

  1. Releasing additional ticket Burning Man Representatives

As we wish to have position relations with Burning Man, we agree that we would release an additional ticket to an RC, or other Burning Man Representative, should that need arise.
Will be held during Alchemy, details to be resolved online.

MOTION:  Chair motions to adjourn.  Meeting ends at 7:23pm.


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