Alchemy BoD Minutes: September 2011

BOD Meeting, September 11thAll Present.  Meeting Starts 5:25pm.No August meeting.July Minutes – Dawn will set up a poll and we will vote tonight.AlchemySchwag – Troy had a helix design.  Wouldn’t work in pewter – too complicated.  3000 ordered, approx. $1/each.   1000 will arrive by Wed of Alchemy – guaranteed.  More ball chain to be ordered.Portajohns – Ordering 32 portapotties, 2 handicapped.  32 up from 29, with double the dumps.Golf Carts – 11 on order, twice as many as last year:  2 six-passengers – 1 shuttle, 8 regular & 1 utility.  Discussed distribution and use of carts.DMV – Will discuss cars with owners and tape to cars.  R to draw up agreement.Gate – Discussed layout – Check Point Charlie.  Tunna to  look at high powered base station for First Aid, Check Point Charlie.Insurance – All good.  Need to update them when we have date for Decomp.Shade Structures – APW needs to source and order 2 sets of polls and repair tarp holes from Euphoria’s Effigy fire.Build – This Friday evening through build week.Pageant – 4-5 min ariel fireworks & 2 20-gallon fire bombs.  Lighting the effigy discussed.  $7K.Gate – They will have contractor passes, not tickets.  T negotiating cost with contractors:  $4500, they want $6000.  15-20 people.  Wed 9am – Mon am, exit only after 8pm Sat.  Less than $800 for 2 Android pads and scanners.Perimeter – Cost should be the same as last year - $1500 to land cost.  Thurs pm – Sat night.Greeters – Working until 3am, located at old Gate.  They will distribute schwag and survival guides.  Need 62 total volunteers – 10 current for Greeters.Signage – Troy will order reusable signs from UFO sign company.  Troy to get sample of signs to Tunna for testing.Wireless – Main field, Center Camp, Connexus, Greeters  - computers and projector at Greeters.  It will be a live version of Camp Placement.  $1900 for open wireless – dynamic site that anyone can access.Lamplighters – Purchases submitted.  Signage good.  Have some poles to make.APW – Discussed portajohn screens.  New generators & extended fuel tanks – 72 hrs constantly running. – Have plenty of genies.  Discussed needed equipment for APW.Rangers – wants to be near First Aid.  10x10 next to stage.Effigy – New design.  Troy to talk to Smokey about grading and will update by week end.  We have 6 volunteers for the Effigy – each weekend discussed.Temple – Purchase list into Troy.  Starting build this/next weekend.  Doing as much pre-build as possible pre-burn.Center Camp – Amber needs access to her email – Alchemy Team Lead.  Doesn’t need volunteers.  Would like an extra shade structure, if possible.  Have acts, need schedule.Lamplighters – Asking for 1 big tent.Connexus – Has wireless set-up, tent, etc.Art Team – Doesn’t need much.Fire Team – Needs some tools, fire suit, etc.  Needs cart only on burn night.LNT – Mostly just needs signage.First Aid – Nuggets requesting more cots.  Rambo – hired EMT, approx. $1000/weekend.Rangers – Asked about carding at bars – bartender’s responsibility.  Discussed perimeter needs.Fire Conclave – Being handled by Trevor.Placement?  Theme Camp Coordinator?   Liason with large theme camps – perhaps have areas that are placed and others that are not placed.Vote:  No.Team Lead meetup?  Nothing formal – this weekend or the weekend after.  Troy -> Team Leads to coordinate.Community Outreach – Rebecca to approach Walmart, Chamber of Commerce and let them know what type of things burners need, etc.Vote:  Rebecca good to move forward.Decomp – Yes.  Location – TBD.  Date, Lead, etc?  Tareq to lead.  Will look into sites.EuphoriaMay 11-13 – Tentative date pending Event Report.Ends 8:15pm

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