Alchemy BoD Minutes: September 2009

Alchemy Board Minutes
September 13, 2009

Overall to do items:

Troy: a) to follow up re: pyro license; b) send wording for film
documentary people to Board and then to filmers; c) create lamenants;

Rebecca: a) re-work waiver for lamenants and for gate and submit to
Board; b) waiver for Smokey's people; c) talk to Scarlett about moving
Connexus stuff to Co-Lab next weekend

Lee: a) contact Scott and deal with Survival Guide; b) talk to Robert
re: temple wood order

Tunna: a) check on container prices; b) check on rental truck prices;

Clove: a) add stuff to Atl announce; b) contact fundraiser artists to
follow up with them on progress; c) follow up with Aislinn re:
distribution of money

Joshua: take pictures of fundraiser artist art at event.

In attendance: All
Begin time: 11:13 am

Up to judge to determine if this requires a pyro license of $1,000 (we
would only have to pay for a local shooter who has their own license).
Our people are not licensed in GA – they are licensed in TN. We have
to apply with probate judge – they have to decide if we need a local
shooter. Application costs $10. We may have to have a standby fire
watch. Could go as high as $5,000, which was our budget.

Contractors are not participants and do not need invites. They are
allowed on site for a period of time before and after their contracted
job. Subjective. Can be ejected by 3 team leads. In/out policy doesn't
apply to contractors.

Lamenants – for gate people and for pyro people, potty people and
Smokey's guests. Waivers for contractors. (Rebecca: review waiver to
put on back of lamenant and get a thing for Smokey to sign)

Waiver changes:
not necessarily the best waiver – Rebecca will re-work and submit this week.

Invitations sales:
At last glance, 622. That puts us at 992 estimated. Not at the point
where all our budget items will be paid for, but we are close.

Survival Guide:
Lee will connect with Scott to get updates done. Board to get updates
by midnight tonight. Lee to submit recommendations by tomorrow. May
give us time to get the map together.

Storage Unit/Container:
We will have more stuff this year than will fit in our storage unit.
We either have to get a second storage unit, which doubles our cost
($90 prepaid, so it would be $200/month), or we can get a storage
container and leave it on Smokey's land. If we put a storage container
on his land, we need a lease with him. Saves us money for moving the
container back and forth ($~400 + either way). We may not have money
right now – we will have to see. We go month to month automatically at
the storage unit.

If we can time it so we have a storage unit on site at the end of the
event, we won't need a moving truck, etc. Tunna to check on numbers
again for container.

Pre-work weekend.
Next weekend, 18-20. Talk to Scarlett about moving Connexus stuff to
Co-Lab. We have a lot of tasks left – try to centralize all the stuff,
even personal projects. Troy to talk to Scarlett about moving Connexus
stuff. Clove to include in Atl Announce (along with gate open times
for Alchemy).

Effigy and Temple build.
Saw designs for Temple. Need wood order. Lee will talk to Robert about
lack of wood order. No plan to pre-build until Build weekend.

Green needs to order wood for facing. Troy to follow up with Green for
wood order. We can rent a 10” saw, here in town. Encourage Green to
work at Co-Lab.

Truck rental.
We will probably have to rent truck anyway. U-Haul is good because we
could drop off at storage unit. Tunna to get updated quote for truck

Art Team.
Clove to follow up with artists from fundraiser to see what their
status is. Rebecca to send email list to Clove. Artists invited to
finish projects at Co-Lab next weekend. Clove to email Aislinn one
more time to distribute her $135. Joshua will take pictures of funded
art and document it. Rebecca to put on web.

In/Out schwag.
We paid the money to Rick Barry to cover CAD costs. Total cost is
$1850 for 1500 of items. Status: model is back, this week they're
building mold. Next week they are doing casting. We have to decide on
finish. Antiquing, matte, and super shiny. Samples have been
requested. Hopefully we will get them on build weekend.

Request for documentary filmmaker.
Tell people BOD retains rights to info – final product must be
reviewed by BOD. Don't film people who are naked or intoxicated w/out
permission – get releases from people you film, and we get final
review. Troy to send wording to Board first, then to filmers.

Adjourned – 12:19.

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