Alchemy BoD Minutes: October 2011

BOD Meeting October 16th - Following Team Lead MeetingIn attendance: Troy, Tunna, Clove, Lovelace, Dawn, Age, and AmsterdamClove announced that she will be stepping down from the board, and Amsterdam will be taking her seat as Alchemy’s Burning Man liason.ElectionsWe didn’t collect email addresses at the gate this year, which is how we normally register people to vote. Troy proposed allowing people to register online, similar to the first time that we held online elections. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.Timeline10/19: Email announcing elections to go out

  1. Timeline
  2. How to sign up to vote
  3. How to self nominate
  4. responsibilities and expectations of board members
  5. Nominations open on this date

11/5: Nominations close11/6: Town Hall Meeting

  1. Election kickoff
  2. Candidates present themselves, make statements, answer questions by those in attendance
  3. Election website goes live
  4. Voting begins
  5. Responsibilities
  1. Troy: tech
  2. Tunna: logistics
  3. Age: moderator

11/19: Decompression

  1. 12 pm: elections close
  2. 2 pm: announcements sent out to all media
  3. during decom: formal announcement of new BOD

11/20: Decompression

  1. Meet the new board

12/11: Incoming/Outgoing BOD MeetingAt the end of the meeting, Jessica proposed that she take the position of Communications Liason. She knows how to get the word out, and will be happy to start by keeping people informed about the election process through Facebook, Alchemy Talk, announcement lists, etc.

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