Alchemy BOD Minutes: November 2008

11/2/08 board of directors meeting. all present.cock? all approved.financials- looks like we will essentially net 5 grand. still need to pay for portalets. we don't pay taxes until 4/1 so we have until then to spend those funds, likely on land rent and hall- 5 to 7 blue tower gallery on 11/22. rough agenda: go over financials, do an event debrief. afterburn reports will be available online, and we will make room online for prenominations for board candidates, as well as nominations during town hall. will get volunteers during town hall to count votes.  Lee will facilitate and finalize  agenda; Joshua will post  announcement to  the internets; Troy will send announcement to alchemy mailing list; danielle will confirm date and time with gallery.Discussed moving to a co-op ownership model for alchemy llc; Troy will bring proposal to town hall and temple still need to turn in afterburn reportsincident report- Troy told Dennis to post donation info to lists. Jacob (legal) thinks we're in good shape. Keith has been given info to contact insurance.staff party- 12/6/08 7 pm, shadowbrook. Troy will let all the volunteers know about it, to bring their own cups, and make it an lnt event. we will spend under $400 for food and booze, as well as getting patches made as an appreciation gesture. Joshua will get patches done; Someone will source local sub shop; Lee requests some help setting up her house at noon that day. DP will take on LNT for the this point everyone gets onto their phone and the vision statement gets tabled, thus the meeting ends.Question: incident report- do we want this in our final minutes, which will be published and available?

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