Alchemy BoD Minutes: May 2011

BOD Meeting May 18thAttending: Tunna, Age, Troy, DawnClove via web. Lovelace not attending.Troy is working on insurance for events using the same company we have dealt with in the past. Paperwork has been sent, no problems are expected.Art Fundraiser will be at Little Tree Studios, in Decatur. Worst case scenario for cost of renting the space for the event is projected to be $275 Troy is angling for the space to be given to us for free, updates to be given to board as they develop. The Little Tree Studios space will hold 200 or 300 attendees max.  We are not anticipating problems do to a conflict with event “E-volver” also being held in Atlanta that evening.Newsletter will be sent out tonight by Troy, with updated info and a call for volunteers and the few lead positions still open: Greeter, Art team, EMT, Fire.Call out will be sent for budgets for events by TroyAvailable board members and Event Lead, Rebecca will make a field trip to Cherokee Farms the first weekend of June first weekend to check property and decide which fields to use for Euphoria.  *Later changed to Memorial Day weekend.Tunna is pricing new genny and fuel storage container and the increase in the lamps needed for lighting new fields.  He will report finding to the board at our next meeting.The board also discussed the possibility of creating 3 or 4G internet access for the events.  This may not be ready in time for Euphoria, but we would like to test the system at Euphoria if at all possible, with plans to be online by Alchemy.EuphoriaBarcode scanners will be up and ready in time for Euphoria and will have touch screen, waiver signing available (we hope).Decision was made to plan for roughly 600 attendees for Euphoria and thus, 16 post-o-johns.Rebecca announced that there will be swag for Euphoria. Swag will be donated by several CoLabers and other artists.  It will be a little clay Euphoria symbol.EMT is covered by Flounder for Euphoria.  Flounder will also check the supplies for the event and inventory and see what we need to replace/add.  Ranger sashs will be screenprinted with Euphoria logo for the event as well.Nexxus-con are in talks with us over the gate issue.  They would be used for both events if they are available.  Age will be the contact with Nexxus153 tickets sold for Euphoria at this point.  The board has decided that we want a presence for Burners Without Borders at the event and at all future events.  This may be something as simple as a board with information/photos/sign up sheets or may evolve into something larger using new media that will be available to us in Connexus. Clove is the current contact for our region.We have decided to NOT mail out tickets this year.  Souvenir tickets will be handed out at the gate when you get in with your barcode.  This will save us the mailing costs and hopefully diminish the confusion we deal with every year with people unsure of exactly which document will get them into the event. CoreThe board discussed the rental of a 40 foot container to get the effigy to burning man, we can rent out the extra space to ATL to Burning Man people to help defray the cost.  Tunna will ask about getting water delivered to the playa for Troy’s theme camp.  Other Burning Man talk tabled until we survive Euphoria.

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