Alchemy BOD Minutes: May 2010

Alchemy board meeting minutesMay 18, 2010All in attendanceStarting at 7:35pmLovelace facilitating. To-dos are in BOLD. Dependencies are in italics.Beginning new businessTroy: concern about lack of responsiveness of BODGet a newsletter out as a solicitation for puzzles and to advertisethe art fundraiser ASAPMove for Troy to deal with the puzzle stuff w/out further boardapproval. All approved.Brief discussion about using Paypal as the payment method. Some burnshave had issues with this – we haven’t so we will stick with it.Old business from last meetingIn/Out tokens: Troy bought a 3D model of a skeleton key to getstarted. He has been working on the model to make it look right – willhopefully have it done by Friday. Then he will call for Alpine Castingto work out price.Reports on recent purchases:New truck – license and insurance purchased.Agreement to park the truck at CoLab –Proposal: $10 per month to park it at CoLab, CoLab can park itwherever it wants. CoLab isn’t responsible for damages to the vehicleor theft or anything like that. CoLab can move it if it needs to.Troy, as rep of both Colab and Alchemy will keep possession of thekeys. Reps of Alchemy can gain access to truck as often as they want,with reasonable notice.Rebecca to type up and get official doc by Thursday.Tent discussionTotal price is supposed to be $4800. We will get a couple ofdiscounts. Waiting on final bill. Discount for prepaying and thengetting it in June, and also because it has been committed to use atBonnaroo. They are splitting the rental fee for the use there, andthere will be no damage. This = around $350 discount for the rentalfee and another consideration for prepayment. They have been reallyresponsive. It’s a good deal, and will have everything we need to putit up. Troy intends to see if someone in Asheville will go and videoit being installed. Will include LED lighting setup. Waiting on theinvoice so we can pay and we can close out for the year. Have to runup and get it. Troy will continue on this.Laptop and projector for ConnexusTroy is going to put this in the budget when he does his budget.Work play weekend: Troy will call Smokey to figure out.Options: July 3 – 4 (preference)July 31-Aug 1August 7-8August 14-15Container: need to scope out where to put it on Smokey’s land, andmake contract b/t us and Smokey. 53’ container. Tunna to provide thetotal net for the container.Team leads:Prompt Keith to submit a proposal for temple – Tunna or CloveApprove Troy for event lead? All yesApprove Tunna for Effigy and APW? All yesGreeter: Janelle - no response all no. Rebecca contacted Jenn Dorrfor this – awaiting response.Rebecca contacted Amber for Center Camp: she’s not availableLovelace contacted his lady for medic: she doesn’t want to be a teamlead for her first AlchemyKrystal Light? Maybe good for fire safety or possibly for medic.Ky for first aid? Let’s look for someone who may be medicallycertified. Lovelace will put out the call by Friday. Possibly talk toEric and Charlee.Ranger: Ranger Rack – Michele discouraged Troy from contacting herTo fillGreeter – possibly Jenn DorrFirst AidRangers – Pete – Troy will contactFire SafetyWebConnexus- Sparr? Pauly?Center CampTempleRebecca will continue work on the Web team until we have someone step up.Board members should send a call out for each of these. Dawn will doConnexus call out. Clove will do Center Camp. Lovelace will do FirstAid.Troy to get newsletter out by Friday.New stuffArt Fundraiser updateR and Troy met with Danielle on Sunday to discuss the Fundraiser. Troyis doing the task of the fire watch and the insurance for theFundraiser. The initial call for submissions has gone out. We haveencouraged her to take the lead – she came up with the raffle idea.Clove to send out on the ATL announce list.Volunteer Form: Rebecca will check it.Email addresses: update them for current team leads (Troy)Put links on the website for positions that haven’t been filled. (Troy will do)Board bios: put them up. Get new ones from Tunna and Lovelace, postDawn’s. (Rebecca will do)Rebecca to update bylaws and get to the Board by tomorrow evening.Overall event budget: Troy will try to get first budget in by end of May.End of meeting: 8:42pmFor next meeting, June 13 @CoLab, Facilitating: Tunna | Note taking: Dawn

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