Alchemy BOD Minutes: March 2010

 Alchemy Board Meeting 2010.03.14 Present: Dawn, Troy, Rebecca, Lovelace, Clove, TunnaStart: 3:18 pmRebecca facilitating.Old businessAfterburn Report: Troy – never put the work into it. Will have it done Monday evening.Action: Troy afterburn report Shipping Container – Tunna: maintenance on a trailer $800/year$380 to move from Colab to Cherokee Farms and back.$2000 – container (8 x 40)$3000 – 48 foot trailerTunna will have estimate report to the boardBig Tents: Troy: people in Asheville have two tents for sale right now.Single peak: $4500Smaller: $2500, but material is not firecode rated Tunna will get the container info by end of week. Decision by Tuesday.Set deadline for Tent decision after getting info for container.Review BylawsInput in by end of the month.Update on official status – CloveYes, we’re official.Revival of the newsletter – RebeccaWe need to start including things like “LNT Guidelines” or educational stuff, etc.Troy: We should do a joint effort to create some text based content for release by end of week.Action: Rebecca to create collaborative Google Doc.Team LeadsKat – yes. She put her own structure together.Janine – yesTroy to put another call out for Team lead apps, requested deadline: next board meeting.In/Out Tokens, Pageant, etc.People to contact for making puzzles:SparRyan mathernFreesideCamp scienceCall for puzzle people?VOTE: Skeleton key as In/Out Tokens?  yesAction: March 31 – have token designedArt Fundraiser: June 19thMeeting over: 4:13

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