Alchemy BoD Minutes: July 2011

"BOD Meeting July 10thAttending: Tunna, Troy, Age, Dawn, Lovelace, CloveAlso present: Sarah Griffin, Joey FossRebecca is still working of event report for Euphoria, she expects it should be in the black financially, no outstanding comments.There is a serious bug in ticketing system for Euphoria regarding the sites timeclock, at midnight the system resets and lists the event as no longer being ‘open’ which causes problems and confusion. A total of 492 tickets were sold for Euphoria 2011.Ipod 1 and wand scanners in the works for the check in at Alchemy according to Troy.  This system would use electronic signatures and hopefully speed up our check in time even more. Troy intends to purchase 4 of these scanners for the event.Art fundraiser149 persons in and voting ($2200)Bar $700~ inAuction $1400~Of the art projects submitted 4 of 10 received 100 percent of the funds they asked for.  All of the remaining 6 projects at least made the minimum funding amount they requested.Discussed needed website updates. Deadline for updating website, posting the past notes, etc. by Wednesday per Troy. Estimates for providing internet connectivity between connexus and greeters are ~ $700. We need to get this rolling to have it ready in time for Alchemy.  Alchemy Budgets requests should be received from team leads in the next few days.  Lamplighters will be lower than expected previously since they will not be used as many lanterns as initially expected.  The biggest expense for lamplighters is planned to be a few new robes. Replacing the  poles for the shade shelters is a critical repair and should be handled as soon as possible.  Repair or replacement of Trevor’s Ephormance shelter cover needs to be done as it sustained damage from flying embers when the wind shifted during the effigy burn.  We need a few extra golf carts for this years Alchemy and have also talked about letting some people with injuries rent their own carts.High Techs Special Effects will be doing the fireworks again for this years effigy burn and may be doing something on Friday night as well.  Troy is in talks with them he will get the proposed budget for the fireworks to the board in the next few days..Other concerns for this years Alchemy are the addition of a few more porto johns and have twice daily dumps to accommodate the larger attendance.  We are opening the octagon field for camping as the parking area is too hilly for for comfortable tent placement.  This presents us with the challenge of closing off the additional roads leading in and out.  Sarah will be doing greeters, not 24/7 as originally discussed but at closing at 3am to 8am leaving gate open.  Gate will be paid again this year; we are in contact with a professional crew to do this.  Gate needs to be more effective this year.  Kegas is dealing with vehicles/art cars as safety and “fit” have become an issue as the burn has grown.  We do need to get actually measurements of some clearances on the site so we know what can get through and what will cause problems. We have also decided to acquire 2 large golf carts for parking team to ferry people around to and from parking and to deface cars parked too long in the general camping area.Tickets sales for alchemy are currently at 800~  this means its time to start a push to promote alchemy on facebook, burner lists, etc.CORE project:  Core is being run by Betty-June.  Tunna is contemplating a redesign of the effigy to make the cuts easier, truncated sections instead of full pyramids.  The container leaves in 35 day  (the 14th)  Action packers are strongly recommended.  Bikes must be boxed. Space will be sold at $5 a cubic foot.  Tickets sales for alchemy are currently at 800~  this means its time to start a push to promote alchemy on facebook, burner lists, etc.Alchemy Effigy The plan was a submission by Brian Mclean.  It will be a tower with a helix structure.  The biard has decided to look into grading the hill each year and have a firm structural base at Cherokee Hills.  Troy will discuss this with Smokey.  May minutes approved vocally by all board members.The next board meeting will be the second Sunday of August at CoLab 3pm to be moderated by Troy, Clove will take notes.Finished at 6:30"

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