Alchemy BoD Minutes: January 2012

January 14 2012 - Meeting Agenda and Minutes
Meeting Open: 3:15 PM
BOD Present: Troy Cobb, Trevor Register, Rebecca Rea, Jonathan Laliberty, Sarah Griffith, Age Ginsburg
Event Lead Team Applicants present - Russ Baughcum, Alex Alderman, Tunna Kerosene, Becky Katz, Tareq Fayyad, Michael Harrison
I. Event Lead Team (ELT) Applicants
Each ELT applicant was provided an opportunity to talk about their qualifications, their vision for what they would change or how they would shape the events they wish to lead, and any other items they would like to bring forward. The BOD and others present also interviewed Lee Watts and Robert Dukes via phone as they could not attend in person.
Final Event Lead Teams for Euphoria and Alchemy:
Euphoria: Rebecca Rea, Alex Alderman, Tareq Fayyad, Lee Watts
Alchemy: Troy Cobb, Becky Katz, Tunna Kerosene
II. Euphoria 2011 - Event report/financials
Rebecca Rea (Euphoria 2011 Event Lead) has submitted the event report for Euphoria 2011 to the BOD for review. Upon review a few minor corrections were noted, as well as one still pending item to be gathered. Rebecca will make the corrections and submit a new version prior to the next BOD meeting.
III. Alchemy 2011 - Event reports/financials
The Alchemy 2011 event report and end of year report for the LLC are not complete and were not submitted to the BOD prior to the meeting. Troy Cobb (Alchemy 2011 Event Lead) is targeting the next BOD meeting (Feb 12) to have both reports submitted.
IV. Georgia Decompression 2011
Tareq Fayyad (Decomp 2011 Event Lead) has submitted the event report for Decomp 2011. Upon review a few minor corrections were identified. Troy and Tareq will work together to make the corrections and provide an updated report to the BOD prior to the next meeting.
V. General BoD
a. Board Meeting Schedule for 2012
Full year schedule pending resolution of conflicts with certain dates. Next meeting of Feb 12 approved.
b. Board Calendar of Important Dates
Rebecca is drafting a calendar for annual BOD milestones, to help the BOD identify what items should be discussed, decided, or resolved at each meeting to stay on track for the year. Rebecca hopes to have a draft for BOD review within 2 weeks.
c. Publishing of Minutes
Minutes of each BOD meeting will be published to the community within 2 weeks of the meeting.
d. 2012 Scholarship program
The BOD has voted to change the scholarship program for 2012. Instead of buying one ticket each to a small number of other burns, the LLC will institute a scholarship program for tickets to Euphoria and Alchemy. Details of how the program will function are pending further discussion.
V. Change of LLC to a 501(c)(3)
The BOD approved the specifics to begin the process of creating a new 501(c)(3) organization, which will replace the LLC. Rebecca Rea will lead the effort.
VIII. Euphoria 2012
The BOD voted to extend the Euphoria event to 4 days, and approved the dates of June 7 - 10, 2012. Euphoria ELT will put together a proposal of their desires for other specifics.
IX. Web Team
Russ Baughcum chosen as one of the Web Team Leads. Russ provided other applicants to choose team and possible co-lead(s).
Meeting Close: 9:15 PM

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