Alchemy BoD Minutes: January 2011

BOD meeting January 16th 3:48In attendance Dawn, Gbear, Clove, Rebecca, Troy, TunnaFinancial update will be done by Monday -by TroyEvent Report is waiting on the financials and last team lead reports, looking like Wednesday -Troy  -Tunna to make sure Apw and effigy reports are sent to troyElections using Dawns copy, with a January 31st  deadline from today for board member nominations, and a voting from the first to the tenth of February. We will use the same voting system as last year.  Changes in the Bylaws to reflect the way we actually run elections. **Vote to suspend section IV-C pending a rewrite to reflect the actual way we do elections, and any other relevant sections relating to elections**  all vote ayeTown hall meeting on the Feb. 13th at colab, Rebecca will announce the meeting.  We will announce the new board members and have our first board meeting. Team leads call out should be put out by the new board, tabled till feb. meetingTickets design call out by Troy tonight. deadline march 1st.Our Discussions on how to improve ticketing, gate and greeters.Changes to Ticketing- add a bar-code, in place of the gate code. Digitize the waiver to speed up intake. Start working on the system, testing etc.Moving greeters to gate? swag at greeters should make people more inclined to stop. then greeters would have to be open all hours that gate is.Gate changes, lanes to speed up, dedicated exit lanes, maybe use the back road as an exit.Our discussion on how to improve relation with LEO/fire and the indigenous population, especially as it relates to noise complaints.  Noise complaints and road blocks might be less of an issue if we improve how we work with the LEO/fire and local businesses to show that we are a good thing to the community.  Extend Community effort to include the Lafayette community.  A little PR will go a long way. Maybe a gift basket to LEO/fire just before eventTicket prices for 2011 fall eventFive dollar tickets for the first 500 tickets, Total loss of 15000. maybe a special ticket to denote the five dollar ticket.  Table the vote till after the financial update is completedNonprofit status Table the creation of a nonprofit Alchemy corp. till new board is seated.  If we create a new company and dissolve the current LLC, as per the bylaws the board can transfer all assets to the new nonprofit.Newsletter- town hall, nominations, ticket design, ticket pricing and sale dates by RebeccaAn action Item for new board another newsletter with introductions, call out for team leads, art fundraiser, reminder about ticket design and pricing. Spring burn, memorial day weekend/first weekend in may? Possible not at Cherokee farms,  size limit? Reusing the infrastructure that we already have, to maximize the investment.  Something with lower infrastructure and lower overhead.  need to secure land and a date**vote to explore locations and dates for a spring burn** all vote aye APW Off season budget generator, shelving, etc. Tunna will have a budget for the Feb. board meetingBurning Man Regional meeting April 1st weekend.  Possibly a presentation on Colab and alchemy art fund raiser, our board elections, and Kids policy.Tabled items for February Team leads applicationsnews letter with board introductions, team lead call out, ticket design reminder, ticket prices and sale dates

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