Alchemy BoD Minutes: February 2011

BOD 2/13/2011 Meeting MinutesFinancials:  Troy - Financials are provisional. Need a little polish, but correct at top and bottom lines.Event report also needs polishing. Will send out tomorrow afternoon.Text for Team Lead Callouts.  Suggested by Tunna: short paragraph “if you see something that should be on this list, let us know. . .""Conclave Debate:  Discussed fine tuning language when someone comes forward with “an idea”. Alchemy will not fund it/have an official _____, but you can create a theme camp.Table the issue.Team Lead Callout needs to go out.  Lovelace to take last year’s list w/ descriptions, send to board list – this evening.  Everyone to look at list by Wednesday, adjust the text and have send the call out by Saturday.Non-profit Status - Vote to start 501c3 process started. Unanimous in favor.Tunna volunteering to be Alchemy Quartermaster. Troy - Let’s think about what that means.Euphoria:  Rebecca - Team leads to be approved by event lead.  Board to discuss in conference call this week and vote by end of week.Whatever we decide will need to be notated in the ByLaws.Lovelace to facilitate next meeting.Troy to take notes.At Lovelace’s house.

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