Alchemy BoD Minutes: February 2010

Feb. 21 board meetingPresent: Dawn, Rebecca, Clove, Lee, Troy, Lovelace and Tunnameeting called to order at 3:25 Welcomed New and returning board members- Review of Board Procedures- Discussion on how we use consensus to reach unanimous decisions on the board.- Review of Board list, online polls, other board procedures and our transparency plan- General Operations Of Alchemy LLC- The board manages the off site concerns, direction of the event and the selection of team leads- The event Lead is responsible for all things at the burnAfterburn Reports and Financial- The Event Afterburn is waiting on reports from Fire Safety and Web Team, Financial Reports need to be brought current- *AI* Troy is going to bring Financial reports up todate and post them to the Board list, and complete the Afterburn report- We didnt increase ticket prices over the past two years, and wouldn't increase them this year either.  We believe that we are the least expensive event in the Southeast- The LLC has approximately 7-8 thousand dollars surplus after last years event, we would like to spend down what we can to prevent paying taxes on it- Ideals on what to spend that money on-  A Freight Container or a semitrailer, for storage of infrastructure on site year round-  *AI* Tunna will work with Lee and price out both options and transport costs, and present findings to board-  A larger tent for Center Camp-  *AI* Troy was going to price out options for  the boardBylaw Review- Board Members should review Bylaws, and disscuss any changes they can think of on Board email list.- We will open Bylaw review to the Community- *AI* Rebecca will email alchemy talk list about the bylaw reviewTeam Leads- After a discussion about how the gate/greeters/connexsus worked at the event last year, and the option of splitting greeters from connexus,  allowing connexus to focus more on ""playa info"" kind of role at the event.  All voted aye.- after the last two years the temple has become a fixture, and since alchemy funds the temple it is only prudent that we have team lead to be responsible for the temple. all voted aye- *AI* Troy is going to write up descriptions for the new teams, and post to board list, so we can review by end of week- *AI* Rebecca to update website and the volunteer sign up database- We should get the call out by next sundayTicket Design- Again we will open a Ticket design to the community, entries to be received by March 30th- *AI* Lovelace to email Alchemy talk, and include theme write upOpening Ticket Sales- We will open ticket sales on April 1st, as we have in years past, and see no need for a sales cap, at this or any time- Following the growth trends of the past years we should expect around 1500 tickets sold this yearEffigy and In/out tokens - Discussions tabled till next meeting(East Coast/East of the Mississippi) Super regional- Is Alchemy willing to loan our infrastructure to a super regional?- Currently the Alchemy board supports the idea of a supper regional as it goes forward and will address any infrastructure loans as event planning progressesBeing Official- Clove informed the board that she completed the necessary web form with BMHQ for us to be an official BM sanctioned event.Meeting closed at 4:12

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