Alchemy BOD Minutes: December 2013

Alchemy, LLC. - Board of Directors
December 15th, 2013
Location: Sarah and Trevor's House
Marietta, GA

Meeting Begins: 3:41 pm


Board Members: Dusty G., Trevor R., Sarah G., Ranger Nugget- via Hangout, David S.
Board Support: Carissa C.-Secretary.

  1. Approve August 2013 Minutes.

Proposed: Sarah
Approved by consensus

  1. Approve September 2013 Minutes.

Proposed: Sarah
Approved by consensus

  1. Approve November 2013 Minutes.

Proposed: Sarah
Approved by consensus

  1. Renew all 12 domain names that Alchemy, LLC owns such that they expire in 2015 for a cost of $133.27.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus

  1. Migrate Quickbooks Online to year-round billing cycle for $429.00.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus

  1. Pre-pay webhosting with A Small Orange for 12 months for $720.00.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus

  1. Pre-pay Extra Space Storage for 12 months rent for $3,096.00.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus

  1. Instate Dusty as account manager for our Extra Space Storage units.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus

  1. Allow David to post a callout for his new org for leads for an event to be held in Spring 2014.

Proposed: Trevor
4-yay, 1-abstain (David)

  1. Close the PayPal account.

Proposed: Trevor
Approved by consensus.

  1. Pay $22,118.45 to Georgia Department of Revenue for AAA’s 2012 sales tax.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus.

  1. Post requested announcements for the GA Burners organization in The Alchemist.

Proposed: Trevor
Approved by consensus

  1. Pay $447.84 to IRS due to fees for AAA.

Proposed: Dusty
Approved by consensus

  1. Approve capital purchasing as presented by Public Works.

Proposed: Sarah
Approved by consensus
MOTION: Motion from Chair to accept. Accepted into minutes by Consensus.

  1. Event Report – David

Report must be put in now with all available information, due now even if missing a team or so. Discuss with Bookkeeper to present monetary report as BM would like to see.

  1. Church near Cherokee Farms-

Church is Nonprofit, we would like a donation. Charitable donations within Lafayette are hard to facilitate due to lack of internet connectability community driven efforts.

  1. 2014 Scheduling – Dusty

Have not spoke with Smoky recently and we are waiting to hear back from him.
Financial Update - Dusty
Reimbursement – Dusty
Everything besides our Lawyer has been settled, reserving retainer for Lawyer service. CPA services have been reserved. Spend $28,720.42 to wind down.
File Cabinet – Carissa
To be purchased today.
Org Transition update – David
Org Transition-
Stuart, billing oriented and there is movement on transition. Try to get cleared up as fast as possible. Want some income this year, possibly going to sell early bird tickets or ELT and Board guaranteed tickets. Will be moving banks when EIN comes in. Waiting on Stuart, then election announcements.

PayPal account update – Trevor
Can not close online. Will call, advanced pro payments have stopped. Will notify when closed.
Summary of Capital Purchases - Dusty
Exact amount of money remaining In a spreadsheet and ready to be sent to Lawyer.
Charity donations – Sarah
Dusty requests that money be allocated and left over from allocation. $2000 set aside for closing out business with a pre-approved charity to receive leftover.
2 GLC scholarships for $500 each to cover travel and other related expenses. (Total of $1000).
Northwest Arts Guild, 501c3, revitalizing a theater and doing plays now. They want to revitalize the arts of Lafayette. Art programs in the public schools have been cut so they would like to begin doing after school programs next year but have almost no support or income. Would like to donate $5000 to the Northwest Arts guild. It is a good way to see us within the Lafayette community in the arts programs.
Would like to donate $1000 to Care Mission, which is owned by a couple in Lafayette and help 400 families a month with food and clothes.
Including the $1,000 donation to the church and the $1,000 donation to the Fire Department, we will have given $8000 to Lafayette Community this year.
Alchemy/Beltline proposal – Sarah
Art on the beltline, funds artists and gets our logo 6 places on the beltline. $3000
Figment -$5000 donation to Figment, like our art fundraiser but instead of proposals you have actual projects available to see. They have never been to Atlanta so it would be good to have them come and build a good open community that everyone would be open to associating us with good art.
Twinhead Theater- $1000 Local theater that does free shows and Burner involved within the community.
Wonder Root $1000
Freeside- $500 to Freeside for their generous offering of their community space.
Alternate Roots- $500 donation.
Openhand $500
Lost-N-Found- $2000 to Lost-N-Found, currently housing for 15 but buying a new house.
Trees Atlanta- $1000 with name recognization.
Global Growers- $500 Teaches people to farm and plants gardens
Burners without Boarders National- Earmarked to BWB GA donation specifically for art projects $1000. We want to see where our money is going.
Georgia Burners- Donation $2000 earmarked for start-up costs for their nonprofit, if it is not used for specified reasons then to be given to BWB National for projects.
OVERFLOW DONATIONS- (subject to Change)
Sistersong- up to $1000
Atlanta Symphony Community Orchestra- up to $1000
Friends of the Library in LaFayette- $700 up to $1000
Communications SOP – Nugget
Tabled indefinitely.

MOTION: Adjourn by Chair. Passed by consensus.  


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