Alchemy BoD Minutes: December 2011

Start time: 3:14pmPresent: All past board members except Clove, all current board members and guestsPresiding: AgeMinutes: RebeccaIntroduction from Age to guests about etiquette at BOD meetingsI. 2011 EventsA. Euphoria  i. Lacking event report    1. Get by next official board meeting (Rebecca)  ii. Financials    1. Pending a couple of charges from (Troy)  iii. Any last things for next year?    1. Euphoria was a new team lead selection model – keep that in mind for the next year, as it went pretty well.      a) Challenges – nepotism      b) Give event lead room to participate in choosing their teamsB. Alchemy  i. One team report missing: gate (Rebecca) – get by next meeting  ii. (Troy) is ¾ of the way done with event report and financials for Alchemy – by next meeting as long as he gets reports from Rebecca  iii. Money from art project that wasn’t done was returned to Alchemy and put in to our account    1. What happens to this money? Put it back in to the art fundraiser the next year? (vote: unanimous yes)  iv. Sarah asked about the chaos right before Alchemy – what were event lead responsibilities and what were the Board’s responsibility.    1. Troy says this was the first year he was second guessed.    2. There are now interests in milestones for Alchemy, to see when certain things have been done.    3. The Board had no idea what was going on, and that’s a problem.    4. Over all to-do lists, from event leads and from team leads so people can know what’s going on and what they can be doing.      a) Taking over a team is nearly impossible if you don’t know anyone.      b) This should be discussed as a part of the Afterburn event.      c) Standard team lead guide?      d) Last year’s team lead train next year’s?      e) This has been an oral tradition mostly. The organization needs to mature and have documents, but there are drawbacks – the more you write down, the more people will stick to exactly what is written down and will lose some of its fluidity.      f) Google doc so it is a living document? At least a tool of some kind that prompts people to share this information.      g) Key dates, other teams that they need to work with, etc. are bare minimum      h) mentorship  C. Final financials for 2011 – (Troy)  D. Decomp    i. Need final event report and financials (Tareq)  E. Art Fundraiser    i. Need to set the date and keep it set next year.    ii. Earlier in the year?    iii. Find other ways to send out messages other than Facebook  F. Table everything else until we get final reportsII. Other team lead info  A. Team lead meetings  B. What about out of towners? Web casting?III. Event leadingTraditionally, each event has been lead by one person. Do we want to change this?General discussion among board members:- We need to have more people involved in event leading.- Troy feels that there has needed to be someone to be the overall visionary person at the top.- There has to be someone who looks down on all of that to make sure it all goes.- The grand three year plan was to get back to the early Burning Man and get participants involved in building the burn. This is done now.- Maybe Euphoria can be the crazy experimental burn.- Can we do this with multiple event leads? Do we keep the one person as the top visionary person or project manager?- We need to put a call out to the wider community and let people know how to get involved.- In order for people to lead, there has to be room for them to lead.- Small group of people who can event lead?- committee of people to run the event- maybe a committee for each event  o keep them separate so the events remain different- But there needs to be some consistency among the events. For example, APW considered it separate events even though there was some cross over stuff.  o Maybe have a year round APW team  o We need inventory and ways for team leads to reserve things- If two committees for each event, then they should still talk to each other.General proposal:Shared responsibility for event leadingtwo separate teams – one for Euphoria and one for Alchemy, maybe some overlapHow do we get to what number of people event leading? Set an upper number or a lower one?Shouldn’t be more than 5, open call out, separate teams for Euphoria and Alchemy, and then however many leads for Decomp and Art Fund that are outside Euphoria and Alchemy lead teams.How do we recruit for this? Open it up to the world?Prerequisites? Qualifications?IV. Discussion regarding what things the BOD should decide:For any event that falls under AAA (except work weekends) - Ticket caps - Ticket open and close dates - Price - Length of event - Dates - LocationVote: AAA will now decide all of these for each event. Unanimous.V. Euphoria 2012Discussed possible ticket capTicket end dateLength of Event - (Rebecca): Call Smokey and reserve that weekend before Euphoria for build weekend. Length of the event is dependent on this.Table all this stuff for further discussion.VI. Alchemy 2012We need more time to think about this.VII. Communications LiaisonJessica’s proposal, which was sent to the BOD via email.Should it be a team? Should the volunteer be under this?Board agrees that this should be two separate teams. Communication Liaison and Volunteer.Tabled with expectations.VIII. Web team discussionSend out request for team leads (Jessica?) – Do we need to get together a list of requirements?Next Meeting: January 15, 2011 3pmSarah’s house3210 Ethan DriveMarietta, GA 30062"

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